Dread Shed - Q&A with Danielle Robinson

Why did you decide to cut your hair?

I cut my hair for a couple reasons. I’ve wanted short hair for some time now. It’s been almost a year that I have been thinking about cutting it. I was just ready for something new and something different.

How long did you have the dreads?

After my freshman year at Oklahoma I cut my hair and started the dreads

What are the benefits of losing the dreads?

Such easy maintenance

What is the hardest part about losing the dreads?

Honestly don’t think there is a hard part about losing them. Maybe just breaking the habit of reaching up to twist them

What has the overall reaction been?

A lot of excitement and inspiration - everyone has said they love the new look. I get a lot of people that will miss the “red dreads” but they love the new sophisticated look. I’ve also received messages from people saying I’ve inspired them to be bold and brave and cut their hair as well.

Will the dreads ever make a comeback?

I don’t see them making a comeback anytime soon

Will the red be making a comeback?

I’ll be brightening it up and bringing the red back in about a week.