Each week this season, we will spotlight one season ticket holder who has supported the Silver Stars for their entire 10 year history in San Antonio.

Val Brunce - 10 year Silver Stars Season Ticket Holder

Favorite Season Ticket Holder Benefit: My favorite benefit is the event held at the end of the year when we get to have a small party with the members of the team.

Favorite Moment From a Silver Stars Game: My favorite game moment was when we won the Western Conference Championship game and we were on our way to the Championship series.

Favorite Player: My favorite player is Sophia Young. I knew she was going to be a special player when I watched her play her rookie season. I even purchased her rookie jersey at the end of the season auction.

Main Reason for Team Loyalty: I have been a fan of basketball since I've played it while I was growing up. It is nice to be part of something from the very beginning. I sometimes feel like a parent watching the team grow from start into the great team it is today. Being loyal means that even when there are bumps along the road to a Championship you stick around and cheer the team on, just like parents do for their children.

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