Each week this season, we will spotlight one season ticket holder who has supported the Silver Stars for their entire 10 year history in San Antonio.

Bertha De La Cruz - 10 year Silver Stars Season Ticket Holder

Favorite Season Ticket Holder Benefit: Interaction with the players

Favorite Moment From a Silver Stars Game: My favorite moment was when sophia young made the winning shot at the last second and the stars won the Western Conference. As I stood on the side line with feet away from Sophia I covered half my face and peeked through my fingertips to see as the shot went in the hoop and she tumbled to her back, it was the biggest rush you can get standing on a sideline basketball court.

Favorite Player: Sophia Young

Main Reason for Team Loyalty: I am a section leader and I represent Sophia Young. My loyalty first comes to represent her and next to make sure fans in my section have a great time and come back to more games. I love the game and I enjoy the atmosphere, so much more relaxed and enjoyable than a Spurs game. Staff is even friendly and will do whatever it takes to make us fans happy.

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