AB...C What She's Been Up To

Veteran guard Alana Beard wrapped up her regular season in South Korea and is now gearing up for the Playoffs. Alana certainly hasnít lost her sense of humor and it was fun catching up with the star. One request from Alana: if you see or talk to Coach RossÖdonít let her read this. Donít worry Alana, we your secret is safe with Sparks fans!

You've been playing in South Korea during the Sparks offseason, how has that been going?
I played here 6 years ago for three years straight, so itís been good coming back to a country that is a top three favorite of mine. I am extremely fortunate to be on a team that has a winning tradition with great players and coaches. We are currently second going into playoffs, which starts on the 20th. I'm excited to get it going.

What do you enjoy about the South Korean culture?
First, the food! I am a big time "foodie!" Second, I love this culture's work ethic. I have never seen anything like it. They constantly, work hard, are extremely routine and total perfectionists. They are also some of the nicest people you'll meet. First class hospitality all the way.

Besides the weather, what do you miss most about LA?
The weather! That's it. Oh, I miss my teammates a little too :-)!

Sparks fans are the most loyal in the WNBA and they love their team. This season, what do you want Sparks fans to be most excited about?
I would love for them to get excited about the heart of this team and the passion you'll see on the court this summer.

What's your favorite memory or memories from last season?
My favorite memories were for sure seeing our team come together off the court and witnessing a few game winning shots and exciting performances by a few of my teammates! To be honest, I catch myself just watching sometimes (a lot)...like, wow (I probably shouldn't say that...don't tell Coach Ross)!

What was your initial reaction when you heard Magic bought the Sparks and was keeping the team in LA?
Thankful. I must admit I wasn't worried or nervous about the situation, but hearing the news of Magic buying the Sparks and keeping us in LA made me really happy and excited about the future.

Magic is a tremendous inspiration both on and off the court. What do you think/know you will be able to learn from him?
I won't be picky. Anything he's willing to share, I'm willing to take anything, whether it's basketball, business or simply just life advice.

When you return to Los Angeles, is there something you have always wanted to do in LA that you haven't done...and this will be the summer you do it?
With the help of friends, I have actually created a list of restaurants to try when I get back to LA. As I mentioned previously, I L-O-V-E food! I get so excited about it. I would also like to get better at paddle boarding. I should probably learn to swim first, eh (anyone want to teach)?

Have you been able to keep in touch with your teammates and or run into them throughout your international play?
Unfortunately, when playing in Asia you don't travel outside of your particular country. I keep up with everyone, whether it's through whatsapp, Face Time (only Abdi, of course) Instagram and/or text. The most unfortunate of it all is, I've had to see Marissa's face one too many times! Uuugh. We have played them 7 times (7 times y'all) and now we meet up in the first round of playoffs (best of three). Seriously?

One final question...What's the weather like in South Korea? It's 80 in Los Angeles! You're kidding with this question, right? Everyone in the world knows the weather is 80 in LA...haha! Lately, it's been around 40-50. It's warming up slowly but surely! I only have a maximum of 11 days left, so it need to warm up a lot quicker!

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