M. Alter Michael Alter
Michael Alter is the General Partner and Principle Owner of the team. A Chicago native, Michael is President of the Alter Group, one of the nation’s largest private commercial real estate developers. He is also active in the Chicago community, most prominently as the founder of City Year Chicago, an innovative national service program for 17-24 year olds.

Michael speaking about the players and why he is bringing a WNBA team to Chicago:
“For me, it was like meeting Ernie Banks or Bill Russell in their prime. I was so impressed not only by their prowess as athletes but their intelligence, their passion, their dignity and their power to inspire. After meeting these amazing women and learning more about the WNBA, it did not make sense to me that the third largest city in the country, and frankly, in my opinion, the best sports town in the country, did not have a WNBA team. I knew that Chicago would not only support, but would benefit greatly from a WNBA team.”

M. Stender Margaret Stender
Margaret Stender is the President/CEO of the team and minority owner. Margaret brings to this role 21 years of extensive leadership experience in marketing and business management.

Her most recent assignments were President of Juice Drinks for PepsiCo and President of Ready-To-Eat Cereals for the Quaker Oats Company. Before joining the business world, Margaret was a Division I collegiate basketball player at the University of Richmond and high school coach.

Margaret speaking about the vision for Chicago’s team:
“Our vision for Chicago is what we call “fan-centric.” Very simply, our fans will be at the core of everything that this team will do and everything that it will stand for. We are committed to delivering to Chicago a WNBA experience that will excite, invigorate, and motivate our fans from the competition on the court to the total UIC Pavilion experience. It will then extend out into the communities, the neighborhoods, the schools serving as a powerful source of inspiration to dream, to believe and to achieve.”

For feedback and/or suggestions about Chicago WNBA, please contact General Partner/Principle Owner Michael Alter at malter@chicagownba.com or President/CEO Margaret Stender at mstender@chicagownba.com