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Coachs Chronicle: Installment Three

Installment Three
It was pretty exciting to come into work this week and to know I was the coach of a team with real players! Although the 13 players we chose in the WNBA expansion draft last week are scattered to the four corners of the globe they still feel like ours. And, if you had the chance to talk to them and feel their enthusiasm as I did, you would agree. They are all happy to be coming here and to get the opportunity to build something special.

It was a privilege to have Deanna Jackson and Brooke Wyckoff in town for the press conference. They managed to arrive here on the coldest Nov. 16th on record and got a real taste of why Chicago is called the Windy City! Stacey Dales-Schuman came in the next day to meet the staff and make some media appearances. You may recognize her from her sideline work at ESPN, where she does college football and basketball. And Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert, playing in Israel, made sure she got in on the action calling on Thursday to let us know how happy she was to be a part of the Sky. (And this with a bad cold and a sick 2-year-old!)

Most of the other players are over in Europe playing for a variety of teams; you can keep track of them on the WNBA web site, which lists stats for all of them. Depending on the foreign league and how far the team goes in the playoffs, most of the players will start arriving in Chicago in early to mid April. Well get them settled here and then start training.

Now its time to concentrate on the college players as their basketball season gears up. I will be traveling to many holiday tournaments where I will get to see several players at a time. In between tournaments, I will take a look at a dozen or so players who will be available free agents; I can start talking to them in January. Things are really moving now! Ready. Set. Soar.