Coach's Corner 3-28-14

Hello Shock Nation!

It was a busy, busy, busy weekend in Iowa City.

I traveled to Iowa City to attend the NCAA Tournament. I got to see eight games in person, and it was, as always, shocking. The shocking upsets are so exciting and show the love of the game better than anything. Reflecting back on my college coaching days at USC, I remember being in those tense and crazy games. There is nothing else like it.

While I wasnít watching games, I was getting caught up on my homework. Thereís a lot of work to be done for the draft, for training camp and for the upcoming season. Iím waiting impatiently to get started.

Aside from the games I saw in person, I watched over 20 basketball games on TV over the weekend. Oklahoma State had a great win, and Iím happy to see them moving forward in the tournament. Oklahoma State will have a tough matchup against Notre Dame on Saturday, and regardless of the outcome, will be a great game to watch. The game against Stanford and Florida State was another excellent one to watch. Both schools have great basketball programs and rich basketball history.

Overall, the best game I got to watch this weekend was the UT Martin vs. North Carolina. It was down to the wire. UNC overcame an 18-point deficit in the second half to win. That game had everything Ė excitement, dedication and heart.

I got back to Tulsa on Wednesday, and I will head out to South Bend on Saturday evening for the NCAA Notre Dame Region. Iím looking forward to another great weekend of basketball, and while there, seeing Skylar and getting to meet her family.

That's all until next week!

Quote of the Week: "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."