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My First Scrapbook
Rebecca takes the camera behind the scenes!

I was always dangerous ... now I'm armed and dangerous. I will getcha with words in "The World According To Me", and now I will getcha with photos. The folks at didn't know what they were getting into when they gave me a digital camera so I could capture some behind the scenes moments. Now, you don't have to just take my word for it ... you can check it out yourself.

All captions and most photos by Rebecca Lobo


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Kym's Spotlight
Kym Hampton surrounded by the glare of the lights at the beginning of the All-Star experience. She hopes to one day be answering questions about and looking in the camera for her latest music video.


Center Huddle
The East All-Star squad has their first huddle at the first practice. I don't know what Coach Hill-MacDonald said ... but it probably wasn't that she wanted to get trounced by the West.


Spoon Shorts
When Spoon wants to get a laugh out of her teammates, she pulls her shorts up to her chest. She has been known to practice for quite a while like this. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face.


Me & Nykesha
I forget who took this picture of me and Nykesha Sales ... the two UConn kids in the All-Star Game! We only played one year together but she is a good friend. She's finally online so I can give her a hard time about that hat she wears on