My Take on Superman's Return

He's back.

Michael Jordan had left the building ... a couple of times. Luckily, he lives in a world with a revolving exit door. I, for one, couldn't be more excited and thrilled about MJ's return. I think it is fantastic that he has come back as a player to the game he loves.

Some folks want to debate whether or not he'll be the "old Mike." Seriously, who cares? It'd be pretty ridiculous to think that he'll be able to soar through the air or move exactly the way he used to. However, it is his competitive spirit, drive and love of the game that make him a champion -- and those traits drink from the perpetual fountain of youth.

There is nothing more exciting than watching someone do what they love, no matter what it is. We should all be thankful that Michael is giving us another chance to catch a glimpse of his road (and home) show.

It will be different to hear Michael announced as a small forward by the voice in MCI Center. However, while Scottie Pippen was the only Bulls player who shared all six titles with Michael, it'll be interesting to learn about the new cast of characters that'll surround him this season in Washington. And while it will be weird to see the NBA's Superman in a cape that isn't the familiar red and black of the Chicago Bulls, I'll eagerly watch to see who benefits the most from time spent in that cape's shadow. (As a UConn grad, I hope it's Richard Hamilton.)

I can't wait to put my feet up and sink into my couch on Oct. 30 while watching Michael's first game back. It'll be one of those rare times I won't care if the remote is within reach; I won't dare turn away from the game. Who wants to miss a single line of the new chapter that he's going to write?

It is early October, NBA training camps just began, and the start of the regular season is weeks away. However, everyone is talking about the NBA. Yeah, I love This Game ... I Still Love This Game ... The NBA is FANtastic ... and all that. But only one person could create the buzz that is circling around hoops fans everywhere.

Thanks, Mike. I can't wait to see what you can do!