Take a look back at all of Rebecca's journals!

 May 21, 2002: Life in Comet-land, hair don'ts, nasty little critters, movie and book reviews.

 March 10, 2002: Laying bricks, life lessons from the South, movie reviews and more!

 Feb. 2, 2002: Braceless knees, Italian physicals, Finnish team parties and things you can't be serious about!

 Oct. 25, 2001: Singing 'We Are Family,' scholarship funds, movie reviews and more!

 Sept. 17, 2001: On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, My World as I knew it -- and everyone else's -- crumbled.

 Aug. 25, 2001: Newark airport fun, quote of the year possibilty and Coach Richie's jam.

 Aug. 20, 2001: A good sport, hidden practice snacks and SPAM museum.

 Aug. 14, 2001: Stone-faced bus and driver, dog days of summer and just wondering.

 July 19, 2001: Entrepreneur's R Us, fan-atics, movie reviews and lots o' shout outs.

 June 25, 2001: On the road again, testing your Liberty knowledge and just wondering.

 June 13, 2001: Working the box office, the FiFi's, spelling bees and rooming with Sue.

 May 29, 2001: Killer quotes, teammate trivia, brilliant thoughts and more.

 May 16, 2001: Preseason action, killer quotes, only in New York and out of nowhere.

 May 2, 2001: Finally back on the court for first day of training camp!

 April 27, 2001: Almost time to play, Career Day, just wondering and word to the wise.

 April 9, 2001: Playing with puppets, women's Final Four and principal for a day.

 March 22, 2001: March madness, the 411, new Barbies, things to ponder and more.

 Feb. 28, 2001: Back in the States, Rebecca takes a road trip through the wild, wild West.

 Dec. 28, 2000: It's the first international "World" as Rebecca hits the court in Spain!

 Nov. 15, 2000: An overseas adventure, Midwest trip and an embarrassing moment

 Oct. 16, 2000: Wrapping up summer, ocean fishing with Sue and Becky and more!

 Aug. 16, 2000: Meeting *NSYNC, off-base suggestions and just wondering

 July 3, 2000: Comeback update, crazy quotes and lots o' Shout Outs

 June 8, 2000: Road tripping, celeb sightings, movie madness and Sue, of course!

  May 15, 2000: Hangin' with the Prez

 April 11, 2000: Rebecca gets a swanky new bowling shirt and hopes to be "savin' dat cheese."

 March 20, 2000: More interesting tidbits, a few little movie reviews and a visit to the "My World Post Office."

 March 3, 2000: Rebecca has the dirt from her NBA All-Star experience.

 Feb. 9, 2000: Just wondering ... about sledding in Manhattan and punching horses?!

 Jan. 20, 2000: Lobo and the knee are sticking together this year.

 Dec. 13, 1999: A very busy week with some very interesting haps.

 Dec. 2, 1999: Embarrassing moments and Wheel of Fortune.

 Sept. 23, 1999: Teammates' offseason whereabouts and lots 'o shoutouts!

 Aug. 10, 1999: "World" heads to Phoenix for a road trip.

  July 28, 1999: "World on One Knee" reports on surgery and the All-Star Game.

 July 1, 1999: The last "World" before going under the knife.

 June 22, 1999: Ouch! Rebecca goes down with a torn ACL!

 June 9, 1999: Bus rides, Knicks games, movies and blue hair...

 June 1, 1999: BBQ'd pork at 30,000 feet? Rebecca says it's true.

 May 22, 1999: Hanging with Sue, Kym and vertically-challenged Coquese.

 May 11, 1999: Fun and games in the Detroit airport.

 February 23, 1999: "Hey" to Mark McGuire, then off to Orlando.

 January 27, 1999: Before training in Seattle, Rebecca hits the ice?!