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Chat date: March 28, 2002
"Starting has never been my priority when playing basketball. However, every athlete wants to play a lot of minutes. I have spent the last three years mostly on the injured list, so my priority right now is to spend as much time on the court as possible. I can only do that by earning time. That is what I plan to do in training camp."

Chat date: May 25, 2000
"I think the Liberty should be the hands-on favorites this year because (A) they have the coolest uniforms in the world (B) their point guard is known universally as "Spoon" and (C) I have a really cool knee brace. What that has to do with anything, I don't know."

Chat date: Aug. 23, 1999
"I think the league is going to continue to grow. Hopefully in 10 years we will have about 20 teams, and the salaries will be really high and ridiculous like they are on the men's side. will be the most popular web site in the world and all those who contribute to the site, like me, will get incredible raises."

Chat date: Feb. 23, 1999
"Fans have given me all kinds of odd things. One time a fan asked me to sign a baby diaper. Thankfully, it was not used. Kids a lot of times send little good luck charms. One cool thing is that my grandmother took a bunch of them and matted and framed them herself. That was really cool. You get all kinds of different trinkets, especially from little kids."

Chat date: May 22, 1997
"It feels great. I feel fortunate and blessed by God to have this chance and I'm sure when I look back 50 years from now I'll feel proud to be one of the first people to get this thing (the WNBA) off the ground."