My Charities

I like to focus my attention on charities that deal with children, breast cancer and education:

I have been a big supporter of the Children's Miracle Network for the past five years. I enjoy visiting children's hospitals and meeting with the kids or seeing the miracles that are being performed in the neo-natal areas. CMN does a national broadcast every year to raise money. It is special because all the money that is raised locally, stays local. CMN is also the official charity of the NFL quarterback club.

I was recently introduced to the Head First Foundation by its founder, Douglas Bland Walker and his dog HIP-D (Head Injury Prevention Dog). Head First's goal is to prevent head injuries. Over two million people sustain head injuries each year and head injury is the leading cause of death and disability for children and young adults. Head First encourages kids to make a promise to always wear their seat belt, keep shoes tied, and always wear their helmet when on a bike, skate board, snow board, rollerblades, roller skates and scooter. You can join the Head First Team (members include John Elway, Wayne Gretzky, Tony Twist, and of course ... me!!) by filling out a form found at

I have been involved with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund since 1997. I attend their annual fund raiser in Puerto Rico and am on a poster (along with my mother) that encourages Hispanic youth to apply for scholarships. The poster will be put in high schools across the USA. I am very proud of my Hispanic heritage and know the importance of a good college education.

My mother and I have participated in many events which raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. My mother was diagnosed with the disease in 1993 and had to have a mastectomy and undergo massive doses of chemotherapy. She is healthy and doing wonderful now. However, more money and awareness needs to be raised about this disease. It had a huge impact on our family and the way we live our lives.