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Postgame Quotes: Eastern Conference Finals Game 3


(On the game) Im absolutely thrilled for our players, staff, and community. We did a good job of battling all game. We actually won the boards, which is good because we only shot 37%. We did a good job of making Detroit defend the dribble drive. Many thanks go to Larry Bird for providing tickets and to the community for coming out. In the end, we missed some shots we should have made. Our goal is not to play in the finals, but to win it. It is so sweet because we beat the defending champs. But most sweet because we won it at home.


(On the game) We all know the history of this game. It wasnt as physical as yesterdays game. We came ready to play. We were focused. Ebony (Hoffman) hit some shots down the stretch. Last night was a battle. Tonight was the war. We wanted to attack the basket and we were able to get them in foul trouble. Zellous (Shavonte) and Nolan (Deanna) killed us in game one. Tonight we made some adjustments on the baseline to have our post step out against Nolan and help slow her down. It was great to look out and see the fan support. Our fans are our sixth man. Thank you, Larry Bird.


(On tonights outcome) We had turnovers and 25 fouls. We needed to play defense with our feet, not our hands. We didnt seem focused and didnt get our shots at the end. Indiana played well. We didnt play defense and we had missed assignments. (on the crowd tonight) No big difference. The crowd is not playing. The players are the ones that are playing.

(Was there fatigue tonight?) There was not fatigue playing tonight. They are used to those kinds of minutes and everybody is playing hard.

(On the championship) If you get a chance to play, you have a chance to win. If you play LA here, you work for the home court advantage. If you play Phoenix, you have to win one there.


(Was crowd noise a f actor?) The crowd really didnt have a big effect. I think that we all have played in front of large crowds before and if anything, its motivating.

(Do you think tonights game was a mirror to last nights game?) Like last night, turnovers were a big factor and we didnt lock down on defense like we should have.

(On this season) We picked it up later in the season, made the playoffs. We had to do it without Katie Smith or Plenette Pierson. But as the season went on, we were able to play together and make it to the conference finals.

(On the referees) It was frustrating to see the Fever shoot all the free throws. But we were the ones playing the defense and we were the ones turning the ball over.