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Katie Smiths Playoff Mailbox

Katie Smith and the Detroit Shock met the Indiana Fever in the First Round of the WNBA Playoffs. While she and the Shock took on the Fever, Katie answered some of your questions.


Katie Smith just finished her first full season in Detroit.
Allen Sinstein/NBAE/Getty Images
Hey I wanted to know if you like what Elaine Powell brings to the table good luck in the playoffs
- Khajjo, Chicago, IL

Katie Smith: I'm excited Elaine's back. I love having another veteran on this team who understands what it takes to win and will do whatever is asked of her. She's a great ball distributor, she can get in the lane. She can rebound. It's just one of those steady people that no matter the game situation she can handle it.

How did your three pointers become so good( they were always good).
- Chelsea, Southfield, MI

Katie Smith: Some days better then others. It's just been a lot of practice. Not only just shooting the ball but understanding coming off of picks, off the dribble, catching and shooting. There's a lot of ways but it's concentration and understanding of using your legs a little bit. Practice, practice, practice.

How willing (or reluctant) were you to make the transition from being the franchise player, to running the show and being the floor general? And what adjustments did you have to make in your game to be as successful as you were? Thanks!
- Lynn, Columbus, OH

Katie Smith: Obviously getting traded here to Detroit at first it wasn't that I didn't want to be here it was just a change and change takes some adjustment. It was just a transition to get to know the franchise, getting to know the players and getting to know the coaches. Last year was just a whirlwind. Getting here and spending the off-season here, there were some questions and thoughts in my mind about how it would work out and where I would fit in. The more I spoke with Bill (Laimbeer) and the more I went with my gut, I thought that this could be a great situation for me. Being a point guard, honestly, just gives you a hand in everything whether you score or not. You're making the calls, defensively you got a hand in everything. So its kind of fun. It's a challenge and I just like being used. That means my mind and body, so I've enjoyed it.

Do you prepare for the playoffs differently than you do for the regular season?
- D, Kelowna, BC

Katie Smith: Not necessarily. You just have to take care of your body. You know these teams like the back of your hand and it's all the little things, the mental adjustments. It's just a little bit more detail oriented because you know you're going to have more then one game. Also, one game from the next, it's just the mental differences that separate you.

Hey Katie how are you.I was just wondering what it felt like to play in Minnesota again. Did you get to catch up with some old friends? Cant wait for you to play here again!!!!
- Elise, MN

Katie Smith: Actually it was great to be back in Minnesota. I did get to see a lot of fans and friends and spend a little bit of time with them. It was on a back to back so I didn't have as much time as I would like. I love Minnesota and Minneapolis. If that's Elise, I miss you guys watching Logan!

Hey Katie are you still going to retire after the Olympics? And how come you don't have your own website?
- Hanee, Malaysia

Katie Smith: Right now, the Olympics are definitely my next goal. Then I'll see exactly where my life is at but it's definitely a possibility. My own website is because I am a slacker. I'm not necessarily computer-literate. I'm a little bit behind the technology era. I should get one and would like to. If you know anyone let me know.

Hi! Congrats on a great year! What would it mean to you to win your first WNBA championship?
- Shaina, San Antonio, TX

Katie Smith: It would be great. As any competitor, when you start off the season the ultimate goal is to win the championship. That's something we have the ability to do. Either you want to be the best or you want the team to be the best so it would mean a ton to have that with this team. I hope that we give ourselves as many opportunities to win because you don't get many chances to have a team like this and have a team that wins and I hope we take advantage of it.

Hey Katie, just wanted to say that you are one of the best guards out there today, and I really enjoy watching you play. my questions for you are what team, other than Detroit of course, do you expect to be in the finals? and apart from your self, who would be your MVP pick? rookie of the year? and defensive player of the year? Good luck and make us guards proud (as usual)
- Spence, Queens, NY

Katie Smith: In the finals, honestly I think that Sacramento will be there again. Sacramento or Seattle. I'm going to go out on a limb and pick Sacramento. MVP pick? I'm going Lisa (Leslie). I think that with their team, the changes they've had and what she's done. I pick Lisa. Rookie of the Year I pick Seimone Augustus. She did a phenomenal job in Minnesota under tough conditions. Defensive player of the year I'm going to select myself. I don't think we (guards) get enough credit. I don't think getting the most steals makes you defensive player of the year.