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Betty Lennoxs Playoff Mailbox

Betty Lennox and the Seattle Storm face the Los Angeles Sparks in the First Round of the WNBA Playoffs. Before she and the Storm took on the Sparks, Betty answered some of your questions.

I think you are an awesome player and your skills can't be questioned! You haven't exactly had the easiest career and i was wondering what is your motivation in continuing with playing when it just seemed too much? Also when you are under scrutiny from the media and have external pressures how do u focus and play the infamous betty ball? Thanks Betty i hope you go all the way because you deserve it!
- EJAM, Sydney, Australia

Betty Lennox:
I like my career not being easy, because any time something is easy, it's not good for you. That's just me. There's nothing easy in life for Betty Lennox. The media is going to write what it wants to write; people are entitled to their opinion. I just kind of roll with the punches. They say what they say about me, and whether it's true or false they say it. It's kind of this old saying - it's not what they say about you, it's what you answer to. I don't really answer to any of that, whether it's good or bad.

Betty Lennox was the Finals M.V.P. when the Storm won it all in 2004.
Mitchell Layton/NBAE/Getty Images
What has the team done this season to help you absorb all the adverse events (ie injuries, sale of the team, long road trips) you have had to deal with? And how do you think that helps or hinders your playoff chances. Looking forward to another magical Storm run through the playoffs like 2004.
- Sheila Lee, Maple Valley, WA

Betty Lennox: I think that this year definitely is our year for the injuries to come along. This is our way of dealing with adversity, with the injuries coming along, because from day one we've had injuries and they kept on happening throughout the season. I think it shows our character how we've overcome those injuries and how we continue to play through those injuries. We're mentally tough and mentally focused when we go out on the floor. How is this going to help us in the playoffs? I just think right now we've had these injuries early in the season so we dealt with them back then and we know how to deal with them right now. I think us being mentally tough, which is what I think we are at this moment, it's going to really help us throughout the playoffs, because if you're mentally weak, you're going to really focus on your injuries.

Hi Betty, you are awesome!! do you ever go to NBA games during your offseason? good luck in the playoffs.
- TJ, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Betty Lennox: I've been to a few. It's pretty good. I've had the luxury of being able to sit courtside, so it's a different view from that angle.

Hey Betty you are a great basketball player and i am so proud of your great success. My question to you is, what do you think the Storm have to do to bring another championship to Seattle? Thanks and hope you get Finals MVP again.
- DTfan4life, Ashland, OR

Betty Lennox: We just have to believe in ourselves and believe that defense is going to win games and just have that confidence in ourselves. It's about belief and confidence and knowing that defense wins games.

I remember when you first came to Minnesota I had the privilege of meeting you and last summer I took a picture with you when your team played the Lynx. I just want to say personally you never find too many people that stay humble and grounded when they become successful, how do you do it with all the success that you have achieved as a professional athlete?
- Gashia, Minneapolis, MN

Betty Lennox: I'm just an ordinary person. I don't take my success as far as the highs and lows of my life. I feel like I'm just like an ordinary person that's walking the street. I don't think just because I'm in the spotlight at times doesn't make me any better than that person that's walking the street. I'm humble because I was raised to be humble and I just think being humble defines me and who I am.

Hey Betty! First of all I would like to say how amazing you are on and off the court. My question for you is how often did you practice when you were younger? Thanks so much! GO STORM!
- Megan, NH

Betty Lennox: When I was younger, I pretty much played every day. I wouldn't necessarily call it practice. When I was younger I just played every day. As I got older I kind of practiced pretty much every day, but it's just because I love the sport. It's not like I had anything designed or anyone teaching me individually. It's not like I had to go and be taught one-on-one lessons by anybody, but I just kind of did it on an everyday basis.

My daughter and I just wanted to know what your plans are after the playoffs and where or if you are playing overseas this year? THANKS
- Camille, Renton, WA

Betty Lennox: I'm going to go overseas and play. I don't know the destination at this point in time. I plan on playing, hopefully, for three to four months.