Q&A with Asjha Jones

WNBA: How old were you when you started reading?
AJ: I am going to say I started reading when I was about 5. Growing up my father really tried to get me to read a variety of books. As a kid I didn't want to read any of the educational books he wanted me to read, so he had to find creative ways to get me to do it.
WNBA: What books did you enjoy reading while you were growing up?
AJ: My favorite book I read in middle school was the Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. There was so much detail to the story it made me feel like I was there with them.
WNBA: How did it help you get you to where you are now in the WNBA?
AJ: Well having good reading habits makes school much easier. Before you can make it to the WNBA you have to make it through school. We have a lot of down time usually when we are traveling or after practices. Reading is a great way to pass time.
WNBA: Why do you think reading is important?
AJ: I think reading is important because no matter what you are reading there is something to learn from what is written. It can be some new interesting facts or some new words you didn't know before. Reading keeps your mind sharp and also teaches how to think.
WNBA: How does reading help you as a basketball player and in your everyday life?
AJ: Reading is a huge part of education and the point of being educated is to learn how to think. Basketball appears to be a simple game but in order to be a top notch player you have to be able to think and figure out what is the best way to attack all of the different situations that arise.
WNBA: What is your favorite type of book?
AJ: My favorite type of book is fiction. It holds my attention the best.
WNBA: How many books do you read a year?
AJ: Well typically I am a pretty steady reader. Playing basketball in foreign countries gives you a great deal of dead time. I don't usually count but my guess would be somewhere around 15.
WNBA: What books would you personally recommend for kids (8-12) to read?
AJ: I don't have any kids and I'm getting old and out of touch so I'm not sure what kids read. I did enjoy the Harry Potter movies and books are always better than their movies.
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