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Post-Draft Lottery Quotes

Corey Gaines, Head Coach, Phoenix Mercury

On when he realized that Phoenix won the first overall selection in the 2013 WNBA Draft:
I could see where I was sitting each time she (Laurel J. Richie) opened the envelope, and the first one I saw was Washington. My first instinct was that I felt sorry because they really needed that pick. Then that went away and I saw the next one, and I saw the order they were going in, and then all of a sudden I realized it  we just got the No. 1 pick. Its just got to be lucky.

On who texted him first following the announcement:
I have at least 40 texts and I havent gotten a chance to look at all of them, but when I was walking out the door, Diana (Taurasi) hit me with a Wow and I know that pretty big smile that must be on her face.

On how their future draft pick will complement their team:
Were not a prototypical team, and were definitely a team who has won some championships not doing it the traditional way. Were not a traditional team by any means, and weve always gone and done things the way we want to do them and its not what youre taught to do  I was taught this by Coach Paul Westhead, so were not changing that.

On how this No. 1 pick could impact the franchise:
First, we have a solid four in Diana (Taurasi), Penny Taylor, DeWanna Bonner had a superstar year, Candice Dupree who has also been an All-Star. I think that who we take, and we havent decided that yet, that person will add to that mix and I think that theyll improve  coming in as a rookie with all of these veterans around who have won European championships and won gold medals, and have ability to bring whoever we pick up to speed fast.

On how closely the organization will follow the 2012-2013 NCAA Womens Basketball season:
I would follow it either way, but there will be a lot of trips made to a lot of places.

Amber Cox, President and COO, Phoenix Mercury

On what is going through her head now:
Obviously were really excited. It means a lot to our fans, it means a lot to our organization. Were just really excited and kind of speechless at the moment. We came into the Draft Lottery today, Corey and I, with no expectations and, again, like he said, we knew that anyone we would be able to add to the pieces we already have would be good. This is obviously icing on the cake.

On how it felt being sequestered at ESPN and knowing the result in advance:
It was tough, but it was fun to watch his reaction too, on TV. Hes usually a cool customer and doesnt show any emotion, but he had a hard time holding that one in.

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