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Link Round-Up: What They're Writing About Becky Hammon's Coaching Job with the Spurs

Becky Hammon made history (and not quietly) on Tuesday when the Spurs announced that she had accepted a position with the organization as an assistant coach alongside Gregg Popovich. She has not only made a splash in both the basketball world and the larger sports world, but has also gained quite a bit of media attention from pop-culture and mainstream media outlets as she is the first woman to hold a full-time coaching position in the NBA.

Below are some of the best stories about Becky Hammon and her new position with the Spurs.

"The girl who grew up as a gym rat, asking her father when she was young whether she would ever play in the NBA (he gently told her no), the young woman who went from an undrafted free agent with the New York Liberty to one of the most accomplished players in WNBA history, has inspired the confidence of one of the league's most progressive, innovative and successful head coaches."

"How they do things there is, simply put, better than how they do them anywhere else in the NBA. The Spurs are coming off their fifth championship of the Popovich-Tim Duncan era, and there honestly isn't a better place in American sports for a trailblazer like Hammon to learn her trade."

"Simply having been a great player wont be enough for Hammon; shell have to learn to be a great coach. But there is no better mentor than Popovich, one of the best coaches in history, one who has a Masters degree in physical education and spent the same number of games in the NBA as a player as Hammon: zero."

"The Spurs press release never says that. It never says Becky Hammon, the second female assistant coach in NBA history. It never says Becky Hammon, the only woman in all four major American pro sports to currently serve as a coach."

"Hammon's hiring is significant for several reasons, obviously, including the fact it involves the Spurs, and comes at a time when, in spite of the explosion of advanced analytics and high-level thinking about basketball strategy from outsiders and newcomers, the NBA coaching club has appeared more and more like an old-boy network."