Mystics Season Ticket Card Terms & Conditions

This ticket is a revocable license. The holder, on behalf of the holder and any minor accompanying the holder (individually and collectively, the “Holder”) agrees to all of the terms hereof. By using this ticket and entering the arena, the Holder agrees to be bound by all of the terms of the license.

The Holder agrees not to transmit, distribute or sell (or aid in transmitting, distributing, or selling) any description, account, picture, video, audio or other form of reproduction of the event or any surrounding activities (in whole or in part) for which this ticket is issued (the “Event”). This ticket may not be used for any form of commercial or trade purposes, including, but not limited to, advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes without the express written consent of the Washington Mystics and the Women’s National Basketball Association and/or its affiliates (the “WNBA”).

Breach of any of the terms of this license, failure to comply with arena rules, or the refunding to the Holder of the printed purchase price of this ticket, shall automatically terminate any rights that the Holder may have hereunder; shall render illegal and unauthorized the Holder’s use of the ticket for any purpose; and shall authorize the Washington Mystics or the WNBA to withdraw the ticket, refuse admission to the arena, or eject the Holder from the arena. Breach of any of the terms of this license shall also subject the Holder to all legal remedies available to the WNBA, the Washington Mystics, and their affiliates. Resale or attempted resale of this ticket in violation of applicable law is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation.

The Holder grants permission to the WNBA (and its designees and agents) to utilize the Holder’s image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the Event in any medium or context without further authorization or compensation. THE HOLDER OF THIS TICKET VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISK AND DANGER of personal injury (including death) and all hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the Event, whether occurring prior to, during, or after the Event howsoever caused and whether by negligence or otherwise.

The Holder and the Holder’s belongings may be searched upon entry into the arena and the Holder consents to such searches and waives any related claims that might arise against the WNBA and the Washington Mystics. If the Holder elects not to consent to these searches, the Holder will be denied entry into the arena.