Maya Moore's Return to Georgia

Encore, Do You Want Moore?

The Minnesota Lynx landed in Georgia yesterday for Game 3 of the WNBA Finals (8:30pm ET, ESPN2) against the Atlanta Dream - a team with one of the strongest homecourt advantages in the league.

But for the Lynx's Maya Moore, it is technically a homecourt advantage for her - she'll be playing in the same arena she won three consecutive Georgia state championships for Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, GA.

"How much closer can you get other than playing in my old high school 20 minutes up the road?" Moore said as her team prepared to head down to Georgia. "It'll be interesting to see who can come. I might look up in the stands and see one of my old teachers talking about "Hey you forgot this assignment!"

The Dream normally play at Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta, but scheduling conflicts prompted the WNBA Finals to be moved about half an hour away to the Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA. It's not only the same arena Moore became a high school star in, but it was her launching pad for her basketball career that is already one of the most decorated in women's history with NCAA, International, Olympics and WNBA championships and accolades under her belt.

"There's so much life that I've lived in between my senior year of my last high school game and now," the 24-year-old said. "I totally give praise to the Lord because He's just taken my life on this journey and He's just blessed with great opportunities and i've tried to take advantage of that and live every moment like it's my last."

Moore was asked what was her favorite memory playing at the Gwinnett Center.

"That's a hard question. You know how many basketball memories I have, fortunately?" she said ribbing the reporter who asked the question. "I'm not that old, golly."

She paused trying to recall the championship games she played there and one moment stood out from her senior year where she nailed a circus shot.

"I remember I hit this crazy shot," she said while trying to reenact a move that looked like the famous skyhook. "It was on a fastbreak and I put the ball over my head from the rightside and watched the ball spin on the rim and fall in."

But it's hard for her to remember many details from her days in that arena.

"If you ask me about the losses, I can remember those details, but it's hard for me to remember those wins," she said.

She may have won three high school championships there, but she actually played four there losing her freshman year.

"Yeah, way to ask me about that again," she said ribbing another reporter.

Considering she lost one high school championship but bounced back to win three more, Moore said in jest perhaps her Minnesota Lynx team, which lost the WNBA Finals last year, can share the same destiny.

"I lose one, win a few. And now we (Lynx) lost one, so hopefully this will be a stretch of a few," she said with a laugh.



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