Lynx Milestones Reached and Records Set in 2003

18 wins overall
First-ever playoff berth
First-ever win in a playoff game
11 home wins
7 road wins (tie)
7-game home winning streak
3-game road winning streak (tie)
First-ever win against Houston
Five players in double figures, 8/14 (tie)
80% FG% in a half, 8/4 (second half)
83 points in a loss, 8/14
29 3-point FGA, 5/28
30 FTM and 45 FTA, 8/9
100% free throw percentage (20-for-20), 8/4

Tamika Williams, .668 FG%*
Katie Smith, 32 consecutive games with a 3-point FG*
Katie Smith, 5 3-point FGM in a half* and 7 3-point FGM in a game*, 6/14
Katie Smith, 208 FGM
Teresa Edwards, 148 assists
Teresa Edwards, six steals, 7/8 (tie)
Janell Burse, five blocks, 7/26
Janell Burse, 56 career blocks
Tamika Williams, 9 consecutive FGM, 7/5-8

* WNBA record 2003: The Year in Numbers

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