Editor’s Note: Throughout the 2013 season, the Lynx Radio Network and LynxBasketball.com will highlight Lynx season ticket members who have been ticket holders for all 15 seasons through a Fan Spotlight series. Look for these interviews, conducted by Cal Soderquist, Kyle Ratke and Mark Remme, to be archived on LynxBasketball.com each Monday during the year. Today’s feature highlights Dolly Ruark, a fan who thinks if you attend a Lynx game, you'll be hooked.

Audio:Dolly Ruark

You've been a season ticket member for 15 seasons now. What made you first become a member?

Since year one. I've been watching the Gopher women's basketball team since about 1984 and the players would play and they'd disappear and we didn't really realize there was much going on overseas because there was no publicity, no coverage. So when we got the opportunity to see all of these people play in the United State and play in Minnesota, it was sort of a dream come true and I'm not even an athlete. But as a fan, just the chance to see these players do what they do best.

You mention the Gophers. How nice is it now to see Lindsay Whalen and Janel McCarville on the same team again?

It was a just exciting because at a time, you had three different teams you cheered for and luckily two of them were in the East, but to have them come home and play together again, I thought Lindsay in particular was great when she played for Minnesota , but she's just matured as both a person and a player. She's still doing amazing things.

If someone was on the fence about getting season tickets, how would you convince them to jump on board?

These players are really 132 the best in the world, except with some injuries this year, there aren't any weak teams and it's just two hours you can let yourself go and scream and cheer and see some of the best basketball in the world.

Any final thoughts?

If you haven't come to the game, come to a game. You'll get hooked.

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