It certainly wasn’t the most beautiful day but the rain held off and the Minnesota Lynx were able to celebrate with their championship with their beloved fans. FOX Sports North carried the two hour event live. The Lynx coaches, players, and staff sat in vintage convertibles and rolled down Nicollet Mall holding the big shiny championship trophy. The team worked their way into Target Center and a large crowd followed them. There were many “Thank Yous” to the fans! Again it showed the accessibility of the WNBA players and their appreciation that they get to play the greatest game on earth as a profession.

2014 SEASON:

We have strict orders from head coach Cheryl Reeve not to ask her about the team repeating until January. But we can still talk about it right? Reeve wants people to understand that although the Lynx made it look so easy to roll through the finals undefeated, it was an incredibly long, difficult process. We get that. I think repeating is even more difficult. Everyone is gunning for you. You have to find something that motivates the team to get through.

This year it was Rebecca Lobo and others selecting the Lynx to finish third. The players know the grind that it takes to win it all so they not only have to be physically ready, they need to be mentally tough. If all that falls into place we still need Monica Wright and Janel McCarville to return to the team. If Monica can buy into coming off the bench again, I believe she will get more minutes than this season. McCarville has enjoyed the feeling of playing on a championship team so I would be shocked if she doesn’t want to continue playing with her college buddy. Her main charge would be to come into the season in tip-top shape. If she does that we know that her basketball smarts will keep her as the starter.

I loved watching Devereaux Peters come alive in the playoffs. She logged 51 minutes in the three Finals games and I think 2014 may be her breakout year. Whalen and Augustus will bring their veteran leadership and their exceptional play. The 2014 season may be the one where Maya Moore breaks away from the pack and becomes the main star of a talent-laden team. Her ability to get better every season and the fact that she still has young legs will allow her to score and defend at a higher level. If she stays healthy all season long she again will be in battle for the MVP of the league. It’s hard to say at this point what the WNBA Draft will hold for us. We will definitely talk more about the draft as we see how the college season goes for the draft prospects. Our first pick would be No. 12 in the first round.

Lots to ponder and think about as the players head overseas to play. I would like to say thank you to the Lynx staff for putting up with me and allowing me to give my take on the team in this blog. A big thanks goes out to the players, coaches and staff for all the hard work that made it possible for us to be the champions! So until next January when we are allowed to discuss another run to be No. 1, enjoy the 2013 memories! it will go down as one of the finest display of women’s basketball in the league’s history!


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