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Minnesota Detroit Quotes

WNBA Post-Game Quotes
Minnesota at. Detroit
August 11, 2005 @ The Palace of Auburn Hills

Detroit 72

Minnesota Coach Suzie McConnell Serio:
(On Katie Smith) She is a fantastic player. She played a great game and she is going to play a great game because she is not the go to player on that team so she is going to thrive.

Minnesota Forward Stacey Lovelace:
(On shooting): Last game I shot well, I have shot well pretty much the whole season but for about a three or four game stretch I went on a slump. This game I came out feeling confident.

(The flow of the game changing): When we came out no one could get off to a great start. I would have to say the second half, consistently we have been a really great first half team and then the beginning of the second half we usually take a low. Any time you play at home you are going to come out in that second half and try to get some kind of spark.

Detroit Coach Bill Laimbeer:
(On the game): We let the Charlotte game get away, we wouldve had a lot of wins in a row. Well take this one. Hard fought game, theyre fighting for the playoffs and so are we and we snuck one out.

(On close games): Yes, thats what our league is right now. Especially with the way we do things, missing free throws and turnovers but we hung in there we struggled against their zone but we got it done.

(On turnovers): Thirteen turnovers was the difference between us winning and losing tonight and thats what I told them after the game. Four in the second half and that was the key to us winning the game.

Detroit Guard Katie Smith:
(On playing against her former team): I know all their plays, all their tendencies. I mean in that sense its like practice. Obviously we wanted to win this, its huge for the playoffs. We just have to take care of business every night. Theyre in a dogfight, too.

Detroit Center Kara Braxton:
On the game): I just knew I had to come in and do whatever I could do, anytime I get a chance to do that Im going to try to do it.

(On turnovers): We did pretty good, actually. We knew we had to cut down on our turnovers and we really kept that at a minimum today so were really proud of that.