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Prowl's Story


Height | 5'12"
Weight | 75 lbs.
Vertical Leap | 12' (with trampoline)
Favorite Movie | The Lynx movie
Favorite Book | Forest Cats of North America
Favorite Dunk | Two-handed Windmill!


Prowl is a fun-loving character that entertains and energizes the crowd during Lynx games at Target Center. With his zany antics and high-flying dunks, Prowl whips Lynx fans into a frenzy.

Prowl makes countless appearances throughout the year in all corners of Minnesota. Be it a birthday party, a classroom, retail promotions, school fundraiser, corporate events, parades, and even wedding receptions, Prowl is the perfect way to bring life to any event.

If you would like to schedule Prowl, please call the Prowl coordinator at 612.673.8370, or e-mail your questions to