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Greetings: On behalf of the Minnesota Lynx sponsors and players, we are pleased to provide you with information regarding the Tickets For Kids program for the 2014 season. Our program, which distributes tickets to nearly 200 organizations throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas, has grown dramatically since its inception. Priority is given to those organizations that provide the following services for economically and socially disadvantaged persons:
Focus on strengthening the family unit
One-on-one mentoring
Education enrichment (i.e. tutoring programs)
Positive community involvement (i.e. crime prevention, community service)
Physically and mentally challenged
Services for at-risk youth (i.e. homeless and rehabilitation centers)

The guidelines are as follows:
There is no guarantee that your group will receive tickets. Groups that do receive tickets should NOT ask for tickets more than once a season. Remember, your group is one of 200 official program participants. We also cannot accept calls regarding when and if you will receive game tickets.
Periodically, last-minute tickets are donated to us on a game day. If you are able to take last minute tickets, we will include you on a separate list and will contact you. However, please DO NOT call before each game to check on available tickets. Consistent callers will be given one notice and then will be removed from the Tickets for Kids list immediately on next call.
When requesting tickets, please request the number of tickets you will actually be able to use. For example, do not ask for ten tickets when you can only bring two people.
Re-selling donated tickets will result in automatic and permanent removal from the program.
Due to numerous complaints from ticket holders regarding un-chaperoned children, the attendee/chaperone ratio must be no greater than 5:1.
Each group MUST SIT IN THE DESIGNATED SEATS given to them. Non-compliant individuals will be asked to leave the building and their respective group will be permanently removed from the program.
A Lynx representative will monitor groups who have received tickets. If any individual's behavior is found to be unacceptable in any way, the group will be removed from the program.

Due to the large number of requests, we were regretfully unable to accommodate every organization that applied for tickets. In addition, you will find an enclosed Ticket for Kids application. Even if you have previously completed a form, we ask that you complete a new form for the 2014 Lynx season.

We appreciate the outstanding response and cooperation we have received from most of the organizations that have participated in the Tickets For Kids program.

To donate tickets, or if you have any questions about our Tickets For Kids Program, please contact the
FastBreak Foundation

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