Timeless Torches


Age: 59

Day Job: Teacher of Music

Years with Timeless Torches: 1st year

Dance Background: African, Tap, Jazz and Folk

Family: 2 daughters- Yavonia and Monique

Hometown: Rahway, NJ

Favorite Player and Why: Essence Carson- She is very serious and determined

Best Dance Move: Beyonce's booty shake

Favorite Routine: The Ladies Remix

Most Memorable Moment with the Team: Eating snacks in the dressing room

Hero: Dr. King

Favorite Concessions Item at Pru Center: Chicken fingers and fries

Fame or Footloose? Fame

So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars? Dancing with the Stars

Advice for Aspiring Timeless Torches: Relax. Do the moves the best you can and put some umph into it.