Timeless Torches

Luis aka Big 20

Age: 47

Day job: Bus Operator NYC Transit

Years with Timeless Torches: 4 Years With Timeless

Dance Background: Live Music and won a dance contest back in grade school

Family: Married with 5 kids and a granddaughter born on my birthday this year

Hometown: I m Dominican and was raised in Harlem in the Heights area

Favorite Player and Why: Shameka Christon will away be my favorite but on the team now I got two: Cappie and Iíve loved Pierson for years even since her time in Detroit. I told her that as soon as she got here.

Best Dance Move: Brushing my shoulders off to Usherís "Yeah", but this year my favorite move is the Dougie.

Favorite Routine: Apple bottom jeans. This year is 90s Mix

Most Memorable Moment with the Team: Having a solo in a Routine this year to show how much I love that move

Hero: After Jesus my Mother. She work very hard me and for my brothers and sisters.

Fame or Footloose? Footloose

So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars? So You Think You Can Dance

Advice for Aspiring Timeless Torches: Your way of life will change. It is a fun time, doing what we do, but it will take dedication and hard work to be a Timeless Torch.