Timeless Torches


Age: 59

Day Job: Realtor

Years with the Timeless Torches: 1

Dance background: None. I was a closet dancer and I dance while cleaning the house.

Family: brother- Art, sister- Darlene, nieces- Caty & Brie

Hometown: Clifton, NJ

Favorite player: Cappie Pondexter she never stops giving it her all.

Best dance move: (Still looking for one) Dougie I guess

Favorite routine: 90's remix

Most memorable moment: T-spoon's half court shot at the playoff

Hero: The Lord

Favorite concession Item at the Pru: The WATER if not then French Fries

Fame or Footloose? Fame

So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars? So You Think You Can Dance

Advice for Aspiring Timeless Torches: Never stop dancing.