Liberty Torch Patrol


Day Job: Bartender

Years with LTP: 1st year

Performance Background: Certificate for Acting in Film and Television

Hometown: Waukegan, IL

Favorite Player and Why: Cappie Pondexter. She rocks 23 like my favorite NBA player Michael Jordan. She's a leader like him too.

Signature move to get the crowd pumped: Wave the T-shirt gun in the air. That definitely gets the crowd going or the fist pump.

Most Memorable Moment with the Team: Getting to hang out with the Growums Cucumber

Hero: My mom

Favorite Concessions Item at Pru Center: Birch root beer and a hotdog

Fame or Footloose? Footloose

So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars? Dancing With the Stars

Advice for Aspiring LTPs: Be a TEAM PLAYER. Don't think you are too good to do the small stuff.