Liberty Torch Patrol


Day Job: Teacher

Years with LTP: 1

Performance Background: I have spent time as a member of the NY Knicks 7th Ave Squad and NY Rangers Blue Crew

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Player and Why: Leilani Mitchell because she's energetic and can make things happen on the court.

Signature move to get the crowd pumped: I have an assortment but my favorite has to be the "Fist Pump" into the "T-Shirt Throw Combo".

Most Memorable Moment with the Team: The Disco Ball Introduction of the team on Opening Night this season.

Hero: My Hero is definitely Maddie! The Best Mascot in the WNBA!

Favorite Concessions Item at Pru Center: My favorite order is the chicken sandwich and a root beer.

Fame or Footloose? I'm a huge Kevin Bacon fan and grew up on the movie Footloose!

So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars? So You Think You Can Dance

Advice for Aspiring LTPs: The only boundaries you have are the ones you place on yourself. Be Passionate. Be Positive. And always remember you have the ability to do anything you put your mind to!