Lil' Torches


Age: 13 years old

How do you fill your summer days? My summer consisted of dancing for NY Liberty

Years with Lil' Torches: 2nd Season for LT

Dance Background: Ballet since 3 yrs old, ballroom since 9 yrs old

Family: Sister- Jhailyn 6 yrs old

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Favorite Player and Why: Cappie Pondexter is my favorite player because she is passionate and plays aggressively.

Best Dance Move: Favorite dance move is a toe touch

Favorite Routine: Dancing Machine

Most Memorable Moment with the Team: Most memorable moment on the team is opening game.

My hero: my Dad

Favorite Concessions Item at Pru Center: chicken fingers and fries

Justin Beiber or Justin Timberlake? Justin Beiber

So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing with the Stars? Dancing with the Stars

Advice for Aspiring Lil' Torches: Always smile and do your best.