casey b centerport ny: who do you think will win the eastern conference finals and the regular wnba championship and what is your second choice for each?

Becky Hammon: I think the East is going through Detroit. They earned homecourt. Second, I go with Charlotte because of the veterans they have. The Shock have youth, but experience goes a long way.

Daniela(NYC): Hi Becky I have to say first off that your are the best female basketball player I have ever seen! Do you think the Liberty might have been in the playoffs if you had not gotten injured, because you were playing so well?

Becky Hammon: We would have made the playoffs. We just missed it without me. But those are the breaks.

lauren: How is your knee and do you think that you will be able to return as strong next year?

Becky Hammon: My knee is doing well. The scar looks okay, and the doctors like my rehab. I'm ready to come back next year.

debbie, NY: Have you ever thought of playing overseas?

Becky Hammon: I have thought about it. I planned to go overseas this season, but with my knee it was not possible. Maybe Russia or Greece in the future.

New York: Hey Becky - Can't wait to see back in a Liberty uniform next year we missed you ! Will you be healed enough to play in the NWBL for the new Colorado team ? If so good luck and be careful !!!

Becky Hammon: Thank You. I think I will be ready. It depends on the rehab, but I plan on being ready to go.

Lee(LA): This season Eastern Conf. was full of surprises. Clevelend and Conneticut clinched the playoff ticket, although they were poor before All-star weekends. What do you think their strength is?

Becky Hammon: Nykesha Sales, Katie [Douglas] and Wendy Palmer, as well as Debbie Black. For Cleveland, Stacey Thomas stepped up. The race was so tight that a lot of teams jumped a lot of spaces with one win or loss. All teams were pretty equal.

Liberty fan: What changes do you think the Liberty orginization will make in regards to next season? Do you think any changes are needed?

Becky Hammon: I see changes in the future for the Liberty. It's not up to me, but the coaching staff will do its job. The team is close so it will be weird if there are some moves. But I cannot really answer that because it's so close to the end of the season.

courtney, florida: you are like a huge role model to kids. do you think its hard, and what do you do to unwind in the offseason?

Becky Hammon: I have said this many times, but the good thing about this job is the ability to put a smile on kids' faces. I enjoy that. In the offseaon, I sleep.

Becky Hammon: I look forward to the upcoming season by coming back stronger, and thanks for your support!