Heard in Practice

2014 Training Camp Insider No. 2

May 2, 2014
As we head into the last days of the first week of training camp we look back at some of the more memorable moments and quotes from practice.


“Good luck, stay healthy, lets go!”
—Opening words

“IIGHT Plenette! I see you running!”
—Complimenting veteran forward Plenette Pierson for sprinting hard in a drill and showing focus through her actions

“We stop the ball at all times!!”
—Laimbeer's defensive motto, delivered during a defensive positioning 4-on-4 "shell" drill, while breaking down defensive strong side and weak side assignments and says this is the biggest takeaway

“That’s better D, Toni! Sometimes people make shots, lucky as that shot was!”
—Encouraging guard/forward Toni Young after shooting guard Sugar Rogers hits a contested shot. The offensively gifted Young struggled last season with guarding smaller, quicker guards. In her sophomore season, Young is concentrating on fixing her feet, closing out, and contesting.

“Get water, good energy, good energy!”
—Laimbeer’s tone throughout training camp has been upbeat and tough, with hints of understanding. Former players have described him as a “player’s coach.”


The team is running “weave”, a full-court layup drill, at full speed. Bill adds a change asking players to take a dribble before the pass.

A few rookies missed the memo.

To Meighan Simmons (Tennessee): “Take a dribble, listen to what I tell you!”

To Jerica Coley (FIU): “TAKE A DRIBBLE!”

To Everyone: “DARN ROOKIES!”

Bill stopped the drill and addressed the rookies: “I have a lot of gray hairs, I don’t need more, rookies! Taking the dribble gets you in rhythm and gets your teammates in rhythm. Listen!”

They quickly and eagerly caught on.


“Hey Simmons! Some big players out there, huh?”
—Bill Laimbeer said with a laugh, as the slight guard hustles through practice.


“Good job today. We’re starting to understand. Starting to run the offense and put the defense in today. Keep your brains on. We’re not going to go long, it’ll be a lot of review and easier on you for the next practice. We don’t want you stiff; we wantyour effort and energy and we’ll keep things flowing.”
Addressing the team in the huddle.

“Simmons, you’re taking a day off tomorrow? Pass that darn test!”

Poking fun at rookie Meighan Simmons during Wednesday’s practice. Simmons has to fly back to Tennessee for final exams.

“I’m a psychology major and I have two exams tomorrow: one in Cognitive Psychology and one in Psychology of Prejudice. After that I’ll be done and will graduate. I’m a little tired. I’ve been studying since I arrived in New York; I’m ready.”
Simmons, on balancing camp and classes.