Connecticut Sun Draft History

Astan Dabo
No. 16 Pick

Sydney Colson
No. 16 Pick

Tina Charles
No. 1 Pick

Chante Black
No. 10 Pick

Amber Holt
No. 9 Pick

Kamesha Hairston
No. 12 Pick

Debbie Merrill
No. 28 Pick

Katie Feenstra
No. 8 Pick

Lindsay Whalen
No. 4 Pick

Courtney Coleman
No. 13 Pick

Davalyn Cunningham
No. 23 Pick

Katie Douglas
No. 10 Pick

Cintia dos Santos
No. 4 Pick

Tari Phillips
No. 8 Pick

2012 Draft

First Round Astan Dabo 9th pick overall
Second Round Chay Shegog 21st pick overall

2011 Draft

Second Round Sydney Colson 16th pick overall
Third Round Adrienne Johnson 28th pick overall

2010 Draft

First Round Tina Charles 1st pick overall
First Round Danielle McCray 7th pick overall
Second Round Allison Hightower 15th pick overall
Third Round Johannah Leedham 27th pick overall

2009 Draft

First Round Chante Black 10th pick overall
Second Round Lyndra Littles 17th pick overall
Third Round Alba Torrensn 36th pick overall

2008 Draft

First Round Amber Holt 9th pick overall
First Round Ketia Swanier 12th pick overall
Second Round Jolene Anderson 23th pick overall
Third Round Lauren Ervin 37th pick overall

2007 Draft

First Round Kamesha Hairston 12th pick overall
First Round Sandrine Gruda 13th pick overall
Second Round Cori Chambers 26th pick overall
Third Round Kiera Hardy 39th pick overall

2006 Draft

Second Round Debbie Merrill 28th pick overall
Third Round Marita Payne 42nd pick overall

2005 Draft

First Round Katie Feenstra 8th pick overall
Second Round Erin Phillips 21st pick overall
Third Round Megan Mahoney 34th pick overall

2004 Draft

First Round Lindsay Whalen 4th pick overall
Second Round Jessica Brungo 16th pick overall
Third Round Candace Futrell 29th pick overall

2003 Draft

Second Round Courtney Coleman 13th pick overall
Third Round Lindsey Wilson 34th pick overall

2002 Draft

Second Round Davalyn Cunningham 23rd pick overall
Third Round Saundra Jackson 39th pick overall
Fourth Round Tomeka Brown 55th pick overall

2001 Draft

First Round Katie Douglas 10th pick overall
Second Round Brooke Wyckoff 16th pick overall
Third Round Jaclyn Johnson 42nd pick overall
Fourth Round Anne Thorius 58th pick overall

2000 Draft

First Round Cintia dos Santos 4th pick overall
Second Round Jannon Roland 20th pick overall
Third Round Shawnetta Stewart 36th pick overall
Fourth Round Romana Hamzova 59th pick overall

1999 Draft

First Round Tari Phillips 8th pick overall
Second Round Sheri Sam 20th pick overall
Third Round Taj McWilliams 32nd pick overall
Fourth Round Carla McGhee 44th pick overall
Fourth Round Elaine Powell 50th pick overall



Timeout: Katie Douglas

Take a timeout with Connecticut Sun All-Star, Katie Douglas.

Charles' Double-Double

Tina Charles goes off for a monster double-double with 31 points and 16 rebounds to lead the Liberty over the Sparks.

Liberty vs. Sparks

Tina Charles records 31 points and 16 rebounds, adds 16 points as the Liberty defeat the Sparks.

Robinson's Game-winner

All Star Point Guard Danielle Robinson stepped up for the Stars and put in the go ahead layup to win the game!

Sun vs. Mystics

Ivory Latta scores 23 points and dishes out six assists to lift the Mystics past the Sun.