Los Angeles Sparks Draft History

Nneka Ogwumike
No. 1 Pick

Jantel Lavender
No. 5 Pick

Andrea Riley
No. 8 Pick

Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton
No. 13 Pick

Candace Parker
No. 1 Pick

Sidney Spender
No. 25 Pick

Lisa Willis
No. 5 Pick

DeeDee Wheeler
No. 26 Pick

Christi Thomas
No. 12 Pick

Schuye LaRue
No. 27 Pick

Rosalind Ross
No. 16 Pick

Camille Cooper
No. 16 Pick

Nicole Kubik
No. 15 Pick

DeLisha Milton
No. 4 Pick

Allison Feaster
No. 5 Pick

Daedra Charles
No. 8 Pick

2012 Draft
First Round Nneka Ogwumike 1st pick overall
Second Round Farhiya Abdi 13th pick overall
Second Round Khadijah Rushdan 15th pick overall
Second Round Tyra White 16th pick overall
Third Round April Sykes 28th pick overall

2011 Draft
First Round Jantel Lavender 5th pick overall
Third Round Elina Babkina 29th pick overall

2010 Draft
First Round Andrea Riley 8th pick overall
Second Round Angel Robinson 20th pick overall
Third Round Rashidat Junaid 32nd pick overall

2009 Draft
First Round Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton 13th pick overall
Second Round Ashley Paris 22nd pick overall
Third Round Britney Jordan 35th pick overall

2008 Draft
First Round Candace Parker 1st pick overall
Second Round Shannon Bobbitt 15th pick overall
Third Round Sharnee’ Zoll 29th pick overall

2007 Draft
Second Round Sidney Spencer 25th pick overall
Third Round Amanda Brown 38th pick overall

2006 Draft
First Round Lisa Willis 5th pick overall
Second Round Willnett Crockett 22nd pick overall
Third Round Tiffany Porter-Talbert 36th pick overall

2005 Draft
Second RoundDeeDee Wheeler 26th pick overall
Third Round Heather Schreiber 39th pick overall

2004 Draft
First RoundChristi Thomas 12th pick overall
Second Round Doneeka Hodges 25th pick overall

2003 Draft
Second RoundSchuye LaRue 27th pick overall
Third Round Mary Jo Noon42nd pick overall

2002 Draft
First Round Rosalind Ross 8th pick overall
Second RoundGergana Slavtcheva 30th pick overall
Jackie Higgins32nd pick overall
Third Round Rashana Barnes48th pick overall
Fourth Round Tiffany Thompson64th pick overall

2001 Draft
First Round Camille Cooper 16th pick overall
Second Round Nicole Levandusky 32nd pick overall
Third Round Kelley Siemon 48th pick overall
Fourth Round Beth Record 64th pick overall

2000 Draft
First Round Nicole Kubik 15th pick overall
Second Round Paige Sauer 31st pick overall
Third Round Marte Alexander 47th pick overall
Fourth Round Nicky McCrimmon 63rd pick overall

1999 Draft
First Round DeLisha Milton 4th pick overall
Second Round Clarisse Machanguana 16th pick overall
Third Round Ukari Figgs 28th pick overall
Fourth Round La'Keshia Frett 40th pick overall

1998 Draft
First Round Allison Feaster 5th pick overall
Second Round Octavia Blue 15th pick overall
Third Round Rehema Stephens 25th pick overall
Fourth Round Erica Kienast 35th pick overall

1997 Elite Draft
First Round Daedra Charles 8th pick overall
Second Round Haixia Zheng 16th pick overall

1997 Draft
First Round Jamila Wideman 3rd pick overall
Second Round Tamecka Dixon 14th pick overall
Third Round Katrina Colleton 19th pick overall
Fourth Round Travesa Gant 30th pick overall

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