Tulsa Shock Draft History

Glory Johnson
No. 4 Pick

Elizabeth Cambage
No. 2 Pick

Amanda Thompson
No. 19 Pick

Shavonte Zellous
No. 11 Pick

Alexis Hornbuckle
No. 4 Pick

Ivory Latta
No. 11 Pick

Ambrosia Anderson
No. 17 Pick

Kara Braxton
No. 5 Pick

Iciss Tillis
No. 11 Pick

Cheryl Ford
No. 3 Pick

Swin Cash
No. 2 Pick

Deanna Nolan
No. 6 Pick

Edwina Brown
No. 3 Pick

Jennifer Azzi
No. 5 Pick

Korie Hlede
No. 4 Pick

2012 Draft
First Round Glory Johnson 4th pick overall
Second Round Riquna Williams 17th pick overall
Third Round Vicki Baugh 25st pick overall
Third Round Lynetta Kizer 29th pick overall

2011 Draft
First Round Elizabeth Cambage 2nd pick overall
First Round Kayla Pedersen 7th pick overall
Second Round Italee Lucas 21st pick overall
Third Round Chastity Reed 25th pick overall

2010 Draft
Second Round Amanda Thompson 19th pick overall
Third Round Vivian Frieson 31st pick overall

2009 Draft
First Round Shavonte Zellous 11th pick overall
Second Round Britany Miller 18th pick overall
Third Round Tanae Davis-Cain 37th pick overall

2008 Draft
First Round Alexis Hornbuckle 4th pick overall
First Round Tasha Humphrey 11th pick overall
Second Round Olayinka Sanni 18th pick overall
Second Round Natasha Lacy 28th pick overall
Third Round Valeriya Berezhynska 42nd pick overall

2007 Draft
First Round Ivory Latta 11th pick overall

2006 Draft

Second Round Ambrosia Anderson
(traded to Minn.)
17th pick overall
Third Round Zane Teilane 35th pick overall

2005 Draft
First Round Kara Braxton 5th pick overall
Dionnah Jackson 13th pick overall
Second RoundNikita Bell20th pick overall
Third RoundJenni Lingor 33rd pick overall

2004 Draft
First Round Iciss Tillis 11th pick overall
Shereka Wright 13th pick overall
Third RoundJennifer Smith 32nd pick overall

2003 Draft
First Round Cheryl Ford 3rd pick overall
Kara Lawson 5th pick overall
Third RoundSyreeta Bromfield 28th pick overall

2002 Draft
First Round Swin Cash 2nd pick overall
Second RoundLenae Williams 18th pick overall
Second RoundAyana Walker 20th pick overall
Second RoundJill Chapman 21st pick overall
Second RoundKathy Wambe 22nd pick overall
Fourth RoundEricka Haney47th pick overall

2001 Draft
First Round Deanna Nolan 6th pick overall
Second Round Jae Kingi 22nd pick overall
Third Round Svetlana Volnaya 38th pick overall
Fourth Round Kelly Santos 54th pick overall

2000 Draft
First Round Edwina Brown 3rd pick overall*
Tamicha Jackson 8th pick overall**
Second Round Madinah Slaise 28th pick overall
Third Round Chavonne Hammond 44th pick overall
Fourth Round Cal Bouchard 60th pick overall

1999 Draft
First Round Jennifer Azzi 5th pick overall
Second Round Val Whiting 17th pick overall
Third Round Dominique Canty 29th pick overall
Fourth Round Astou Ndiaye 41st pick overall

1998 Draft
First Round Korie Hlede 4th pick overall
Second Round Rachael Sporn 14th pick overall
Third Round Gergana Branzova 24th pick overall
Fourth Round Sandy Brondello 34th pick overall

* From Utah
** From Utah/Miami


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