Phoenix Mercury Draft History

Samantha Prahalis
No. 6 Pick

Brittany Spears
No. 19 Pick

Tyra Grant
No. 24 Pick

DeWanna Bonner
No. 5 Pick

LaToya Pringle
No. 13 Pick

Lindsey Harding
No. 1 Pick
(Traded to Minn.)

Cappie Pondexter
No. 2 Pick

Sandora Irvin
No. 3 Pick

Diana Taurasi
No. 1 Pick

Plenette Pierson
No. 4 Pick

Tootie Shaw
No. 25 Pick

Kristen Veal
No. 13 Pick

Adrian Williams
No. 21 Pick

Edna Campbell
No. 10 Pick

Maria Stepanova
No. 8 Pick

Bridget Pettis
No. 7 Pick

2012 Draft
First Round Samantha Prahalis 6th pick overall
Second Round C'eira Ricketts 24th pick overall
Third Round Christine Flores 30th pick overall

2011 Draft
Second Round Brittany Spears 19th pick overall
Third Round Tahnee Robinson 31st pick overall

2010 Draft
Second Round Tyra Grant 24th pick overall
Third Round Nyeshia Stevenson 36th pick overall

2009 Draft
First Round DeWanna Bonner 5th pick overall
Third Round Sha Brooks 31st pick overall
Third Round Jessica Adair 34th pick overall

2008 Draft
First Round LaToya Pringle 13th pick overall
Second Round Leilani Mitchell 25th pick overall
Third Round Marscilla Packer 41st pick overall

2007 Draft
First Round Lindsey Harding (traded to Minn.) 1st pick overall
Second Round Tyresa Smith 18th pick overall
Third Round Leah Rush 28th pick overall
Third Round Emily Westerberg 37th pick overall

2006 Draft
First Round Cappie Pondexter 2nd pick overall
Second Round Liz Shimek 18th pick overall
Third Round Jamie Carey 31st pick overall

2005 Draft
First Round Sandora Irvin 3rd pick overall
Second Round Angelina Williams 18th pick overall
Third Round Crystal Smith 32nd pick overall

2004 Draft
First Round Diana Taurasi 1st pick overall
First RoundChandi Jones8th pick overall
Second RoundAshley Robinson14th pick overall
Third Round Maria Villarroel27th pick overall

2003 Draft
First Round Plenette Pierson 4th pick overall
Second RoundPetra Uihelyi16th pick overall
Third RoundTelisha Quarles31st pick overall
Marion Jones33rd pick overall

2002 Draft
Second Round Tootie Shaw 25th pick overall
Third Round Kayte Christensen40th pick overall
Fourth RoundAmba Kongolo56th pick overall

2001 Draft
First Round Kristen Veal 13th pick overall
Second Round Ilona Korstine 29th pick overall
Third Round Tere Williams 45th pick overall
Fourth Round Carolyn Moos 53rd pick overall
Megan Franza 61st pick overall

2000 Draft
Second Round Adrain Williams 21st pick overall
Third Round Tauja Catchings 37th pick overall
Fourth Round Shantia Owens 53rd pick overall

1999 Draft
First Round Edna Campbell 3rd pick overall
Second Round Clarissa Davis-Wrightsil 22nd pick overall
Third Round Lisa Harrison 34th pick overall
Fourth Round Amanda Wilson 46th pick overall

1998 Draft
First Round Maria Stepanova 8th pick overall
Second Round Andrea Kuklova 18th pick overall
Third Round Brandy Reed 28th pick overall
Fourth Round Karen Wilkins 38th pick overall

1997 Elite Draft
First Round Bridget Pettis 7th pick overall
Second Round Nancy Lieberman-Cline 15th pick overall

1997 Draft
First Round Toni Foster 7th pick overall
Second Round Tia Jackson 12th pick overall
Third Round Umeki Webb 21st pick overall
Fourth Round Monique Ambers 28th pick overall

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