Minnesota Lynx Draft History

Devereaux Peters
No. 3 Pick

Maya Moore
No. 1 Pick

Monica Wright
No. 2 Pick

Renee Montgomery
No. 4 Pick

Candice Wiggins
No. 3 Pick

Noelle Quinn
No. 4 Pick

Seimone Augustus
No. 1 Pick

Kristen Mann
No. 11 Pick

Nicole Ohlde
No. 6 Pick

Teresa Edwards
No. 13 Pick

Tamika Williams
No. 6 Pick

Svetlana Abrosimova
No. 7 Pick

Grace Daley
No. 5 Pick

Tonya Edwards
No. 7 Pick

2012 Draft
First Round Devereaux Peters 3rd pick overall
First Round Damiris Dantas 12th pick overall
Second Round Julie Wojta 18th pick overall
Second Round Kayla Standish 19th pick overall
Second Round Nika Baric 20th pick overall
Third Round Jacki Gemelos 31st pick overall

2011 Draft
First Round Maya Moore 1st pick overall
First Round Amber Harris 4th pick overall
Second Round Jessica Breland 13th pick overall
Second Round Felicia Chester 14th pick overall
Third Round Kachine Alexander 26th pick overall

2010 Draft
First Round Monica Wright 2nd pick overall
First Round Kelsey Griffin 3rd pick overall
Third Round Gabriela Marginean 26th pick overall

2009 Draft
First Round Renee Montgomery 4th pick overall
First Round Quanitra Hollingsworth 9th pick overall
Second Round Rashanda McCants 15th pick overall
Third Round Emily Fox 30th pick overall

2008 Draft
First Round Candice Wiggins 3rd pick overall
Second Round Nicky Anosike 16th pick overall
Third Round Charde Houston 30th pick overall

2007 Draft
First Round Noelle Quinn 4th pick overall
Second Round Eshaya Murphy 15th pick overall
Second Round Brooke Smith 23rd pick overall
Second Round Kathrin Ress 24th pick overall

2006 Draft
First Round Seimone Augustus 1st pick overall
First Round Shona Thorburn 7th pick overall
Third Round Megan Duffy 31st pick overall

2005 Draft
First Round Kristen Mann 11th pick overall
Second Round Jacqueline Batteast 17th pick overall
Third RoundMonique Bivins37th pick overall

2004 Draft
First Round Nicole Ohlde 6th pick overall
First Round Vanessa Hayden 7th pick overall
Second Round Tasha Butts20th pick overall
Third RoundAmber Jacobs33rd pick overall
Third RoundKate Bulger 38th pick overall

2003 Draft
Second Round Teresa Edwards 14th pick overall
Second Round Jordan Adams 18th pick overall
Third Round Carla Bennett 29th pick overall

2002 Draft
First Round Tamika Williams 6th pick overall
Third Round Lindsey Meder 38th pick overall
Fourth RoundShárron Francis54th pick overall

2001 Draft
First Round Svetlana Abrosimova 7th pick overall
Second Round Erin Buescher 23rd pick overall
Janell Burse 28th pick overall
Third Round Tombi Bell 39th pick overall
Fourth Round Megan Taylor 55th pick overall

2000 Draft
First Round Grace Daley 5th pick overall*
Betty Lennox 6th pick overall
Maylana Martin 10th pick overall**
Second Round Marla Brumfield 22nd pick overall
Keitha Dickerson 24th pick overall***
Third Round Phylesha Whaley 38th pick overall
Fourth RoundJana Lichnerova 54th pick overall
Shanele Stires 49th pick overall***

1999 Draft
First Round Tonya Edwards 7th pick overall
Second Round Trisha Fallon 19th pick overall
Third Round Andrea Lloyd-Curry 31st pick overall
Fourth Round Sonja Tate 43rd pick overall
Angie Potthoff 49th pick overall

* From Phoenix Mercury
** From Miami Sol/Indiana Fever
*** From Miami Sol
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