New York Liberty Draft History

Kelley Cain
No. 10 Pick

Alex Montgomery
No. 10 Pick

Kalana Greene
No. 13 Pick

Kia Vaughn
No. 8 Pick

Essence Carson
No. 7 Pick

Tiffany Jackson
No. 5 Pick

Sherill Baker
No. 10 Pick

Loree Moore
No. 10 Pick

Shameka Christon
No. 5 Pick

Molly Creamer
No. 10 Pick

Linda Fröhlich
No. 26 Pick

Taru Tuukkanen
No. 57 Pick

Olga Firsova
No. 13 Pick

Crystal Robinson
No. 6 Pick

Alicia Thompson
No. 9 Pick

Kym Hampton
No. 4 Pick

2012 Draft
First Round Kelley Cain 7th pick overall
Third Round Katelan Redmon 36th pick overall

2011 Draft
First Round Alex Montgomery 10th pick overall
Second Round Angel Robinson 22nd pick overall
Third Round Mekia Valentine 34th pick overall

2010 Draft
Second Round Kalana Greene 13th pick overall
Second Round Ashley Houts 16th pick overall
Third Round Corey Montgomery 25th pick overall

2009 Draft
First Round Kia Vaughn 8th pick overall
Second Round Abby Waner 21st pick overall

2008 Draft
First Round Essence Carson 7th pick overall
First Round Erlana Larkins 14th pick overall
Second Round Wanisha Smith 27th pick overall
Third Round Alberta Auguste 35th pick overall

2007 Draft
First Round Tiffany Jackson 4th pick overall
Second Round Shay Doron 16th pick overall
Third Round Martina Weber 29th pick overall

2006 Draft
First Round Sherill Baker 12th pick overall
Second Round Brooke Queenan 23rd pick overall
Third Round Christelle N'Garsanet 37th pick overall

2005 Draft
First Round Loree Moore 10th pick overall
Second Round Tabitha Pool23rd pick overall
Third Round Rebecca Richman36th pick overall

2004 Draft
First Round Shameka Christon 5th pick overall
Second Round Amisha Carter17th pick overall
Third Round Cathy Joens30th pick overall

2003 Draft
First Round Molly Creamer 10th pick overall
Second Round Erin Thorn17th pick overall
Sonja Mallory24th pick overall
K.B. Sharp26th pick overall
Third Round Nicole Kaczmarski39th pick overall

2002 Draft
Second Round Linda Fröhlich 26th pick overall
Third Round Tracy Gahan46th pick overall
Fourth Round Deedee Warley62nd pick overall

2001 Draft
Fourth Round Taru Tuukkanen 57th pick overall
Tara Mitchem 60th pick overall

2000 Draft
First Round Olga Firsova 13th pick overall
Second Round Desiree Francis 29th pick overall
Third Round Jessica Bibby 45th pick overall
Fourth Round Natalie Porter 61st pick overall

1999 Draft
First Round Crystal Robinson 6th pick overall
Second Round Michele VanGorp 18th pick overall
Third Round Tamika Whitmore 30th pick overall
Fourth Round Carolyn Jones-Young 42nd pick overall

1998 Draft
First Round Alicia Thompson 9th pick overall
Second Round Nadine Domond 19th pick overall
Third Round Albena Branzova 29th pick overall
Fourth Round Vanessa Nygaard 39th pick overall

1997 Elite Draft
First Round Kym Hampton 4th pick overall
Second Round Vickie Johnson 12th pick overall

1997 Draft
First Round Sue Wicks 6th pick overall
Second Round Sophia Witherspoon 11th pick overall
Third Round Trena Trice 22nd pick overall
Fourth Round Kisha Ford 27th pick overall

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