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Title IX: Ellen Annala

Ellen Annala

Ellen K. Annala was the first female to be selected to lead United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) in 1998. As President and CEO she dedicates her time in discovering greater resources, relationships, knowledge and talent on refining conditions for children throughout Indiana. While under Annalas leadership, United Way focuses on making tomorrow a better place by helping children today.

In 1996 and again in 2007 the Indianapolis Business Journal named Annala to the areas Most Influential Women list of women who wield power and influence in their respective careers. In 2002 they honored her with their Women in the Lead award in the Not-for-profit/ education category. Annala earned a masters from Indiana Universitys School of Public and Environment Affairs and a bachelors degree in religion from Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma.

Share a personal story showing how Title IX has affected you.

I have loved being a spectator of women's sports and watching how sports and physical activities have been such an integral part of my nieces' and young female employees' lives. I've often wondered whether I would have battled weight issues as much in my adult life had Title IX been been enacted when I was still in school.

How as Title IX impacted your industry or career path?

I had the wonderful opportunity to be the Executive Director of Big Sisters and to help young girls realize that they can realize their dreams with hard work. Because of Title IX and other changes that gave girls and women opportunities that I didn't have when growing up, young women will never be subjected to one of the questions I was asked by an interviewer, when I was entering the work force -- "and, just why would I want to hire a young single woman who will probably get married and leave us in a few years?" (not an illegal question then)

What would you like to say to Birch Bayh for authoring this legislation?

Thank you Birch Bayh for recognizing that girls love sports as much as boys. Because of you, everyone can now see what women can accomplish in sports!