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Team Behind the Team: Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller has been with the Fever for five years and currently serves as the Senior Sales Consultant. She first encountered the Fever as a fan and was almost immediately drawn to the quality of the organization. Though she had worked in sales for most of her career, Miller had not been involved in sports marketing before joining Pacers Sports and Entertainment, but has worked diligently to learn the intricacies of her position. Miller is now the sales team member with the most seniority, and she tries to lead by her example of hard work.
As the Fevers Senior Sales Consultant, Miller enjoys being part of the Fever team and building the Fever and WNBA brands. She enjoyed the exhilaration of the Fevers WNBA Championship run and has no doubts that the momentum and excitement will carry over to 2013.

Whats your favorite part about your job?
LM: Thats so easy! The fans! It is weird how it has evolved. I have so many fans that have become friends as well as friends that have become fans!

What are the biggest rewards of your job?
LM: The biggest genuine rewards are the relationships. I am fortunate enough to be active in the community with such organizations as the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and countless not-for-profit organizations. My involvement is forever opening my eyes to other organizations and causes that I can be a part of and hopefully help to make a difference. The people I have met and the things I have been able to be involved with reap personal rewards that are absolutely priceless! There are so many people in this community that have genuinely touched my heart.

Describe the atmosphere working on the Sales staff.
LM: Honestly, it is like family in every way! Some days are good, some days are harder. We spend a lot of time together, through wins and losses, but at the end of the day, we are family!

Talk about the importance of being able to build relationships in your job.
LM: Relationships are the backbone of my position. As a sales consultant, I need referrals and referrals come from relationships and trust. Not only the relationships that I build in the community with business professionals, but the relationships with season ticket holders! It is a trusting relationship. The season ticket holders trust me to see to it that they have the best experience possible. I do not want to let them down.

What was it like to be a part of a WNBA championship run?
LM: I know no other way to describe it other than surreal. I am not sure it has sunk in yet. I have wanted this for all five seasons I have been here and we came so close in 2009. This year was different. I had a calmness and confidence that I cannot describe and (even though it wasnt always substantiated) I knew we were going to win. We were going to win and had to win for the team, for Tamika, for everyone that works at PS&E now and in the past several years, for the Community and businesses that are so supportive, and most importantly for the fans!

How did the Fever winning the WNBA championship inspire you personally?
LM: I have been inspired personally by the drive, perseverance, and dedication that this team showed during their quest for the Championship. Many times, on paper, they did not appear to be the team that would win it all, but with persistence and hard work, they pushed through adversity to overcome and be the best. They were not discouraged or worn down but rather were confident and determined. This is a model to live our lives by as well. Sometimes, it may not seem like things will go our way, but with dedication, self-confidence, teamwork and drive, we all have the capability to overcome!

Give your best sales pitch for someone considering buying Fever tickets for next season.
LM: Besides saying that it is fun, affordable, family entertainment, I dont really have to pitch it. Just come to a gameone game. The experience will sell itself!

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in sales with a professional sports team?
LM: Run! Run fast! But not away from it, run straight into it with all that you have and all that you are! If you have the opportunity to sell for a professional sports team, embrace it with all that you have! Do not leave anything out on the floor. Come in early, stay late and learn any and everything available to you. A position in Sports Marketing is an enviable privilege. Embrace it completely!

Other than the players and coaches, what makes the Fever a world champion organization?
LM: Reputation. Reputation for caring, for greatness on many levels and for high morals and standards, not only from the players, coaches, sales staff and dedicated interns but from every single person that helps to keep this organization running. A reputation for having world class leaders both on and off the court. This is a world Championship organization to the very core! This is an organization that gives back to its community and an organization that I am more than proud to be a part of.

Your job requires a lot of interaction with fans. What stands out most to you about Fever fans in particular?
LM: It would be impossible not to mention passion. Fever fans share a passion that is unmatched to any other fans, but I also have to say appreciation and gratitude. I have been so very touched by the overwhelming display of pure and simple thanks from those that I assist. So often, it is for something simple. I enjoy what I do more than words can say, yet I do work hard, and it is so rewarding to know that it is appreciated. I am blessed beyond words to be able to spend time with fans that are passionate about the team, about the game, and are appreciative of the opportunity to enjoy spending time with the Indiana Fever. Thank you!