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Behind the Champions: Portia Miller

Portia Miller first joined Pacers Sports & Entertainment as an intern in the Corporate Partnership department. During her internship, Miller had the opportunity to engage with Fever fansand learned valuable hands on marketing skills.She enjoyed the experience so much she didn't want to leave. "The employees here create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes it hard to say good bye," she said. "After completing my internship experience, I knew this was a natural fit for me." Miller landed a new permanent position within the organization, starting as a Fever Sales Consultant in August 2011. An Indiana State graduate, Miller is also an Indianapolis native and longtime Fever fan, making the team's title run this year all the more special.

Describe your path to this point in your career.
PM: My path to this point in my career has been full of incredible opportunities and unforgettable experiences. At ISU, I was very involved in the Athletic Department on campus. I interned with the marketing department during my junior year and finished off at the ISU Foundation working in the Athletic Development division. I spent countless hours learning the internal operations of a collegiate sport and developed a solid knowledge of the marketing components behind each sport. .

What are your personal ties to sports, particularly womens basketball?
PM: I have always been a sporty girl. I played travel basketball growing up. I also played for the womens basketball team as a freshmen and sophomore of high school. I played rugby in my junior and senior years of high school and intramural rugby in college. Lets put it like this: Id rather watch ESPN than Desperate Housewives or Jersey Shore on any given day! Needless to say, I dont mind getting dirty. Ive always thought I was one of the guys!

Explain your role with the Fever.
PM: My role with the Fever is to manage and service an account base of current season ticket holders while actively seeking prospective clients to introduce the Fever product to. It is my job to meet the needs of my clients and to make sure that every prospective client has a memorable experience after visiting Bankers Life Fieldhouse. It is my goal to make anyone who steps foot inside of a Fever game feel like a guest. Your wish is my command!

Whats your favorite part about your job?
PM: No brainer! The best part about being a Fever Sales and Services Consultant for the Indiana Fever is building long-lasting relationships with my clients. I have been on the Fever Sales team for one year and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals. I have bonded with many season ticket holders during my time here and feel confident that many of these relationships will prosper forever.

Describe the atmosphere working on the Sales staff.
PM: We spend countless hours together, so of course there are ups and downs. The overall atmosphere is close nit. We all come to work because we have one thing in common: undeniable passion for the Indiana Fever. We each come from different walks of life and have taken diverse paths to get here, we all have the same goal which adds to the success of our staff.

The Fever proved they are great competitors on the court. How important is it for you to be competitive in your position?
PM: I think it is safe to say that all sales professionals are naturally competitive. I compete more with myself than anything else. I am always setting personal goals in which I feel like I can attain with hard work and determination. No matter what the overall number is I always strive for the next best.

How did the Fevers run through the playoffs effect your job?
PM: The Fevers run through the playoffs effected my job in several ways. Our staff spent long days and nights, working hard to get people inside of Bankers Life to witness the greatness of the Fever. I went above and beyond to ensure my clients were 100% satisfied with ticket and service needs. My job definitely became more intense during this period, but it felt good to be crazy busy due to the success of the team.

What was it like to be part of a WNBA Championship run?
PM: Being a part of a WNBA championship run was one of the most rewarding moments of my life. To look out into the stands and see thousands of glowing faces cheering on our team was beyond gratifying. Knowing that I played a vital role in the success of the team and championship victory from a marketing perspective was remarkable. I can now say that not only was I there when history took place, I helped make it happen!

Do you have a favorite moment from the Fever's title run?
PM: Gosh, there are so many! One big moment for me was the look on Tamikas face when the buzzer went off in the final minute of the Championship game. To know that she has remained loyal to the Fever and the city of Indianapolis through every trial and hurdle of this franchise created a tremendous amount of joy in me for her in that moment.

Give your best sales pitch for someone considering buying Fever tickets for next season.
PM: You are getting fundamentally sound basketball at its finest for an affordable price. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal to some of the best athletes in the league! If you want to be a part of something great, you must come out to a game. I promise you wont be disappointed!