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4th of July Memories

By Becca Bornhorst | July 3, 2012

The Fourth of July is a national holiday typically celebrated with family gatherings, fireworks and according to the Indiana Feverbarbeques!

“My favorite part is the barbeques,” Fever rookie Sasha Goodlett said about the Fourth.

Goodlett was not the only Indiana player to talk about barbequing or eating flavorful food.

Jeanette Pohlen, Shavonte Zellous and even Canadian native Tammy Sutton-Brown agreed that the holiday is known for its good grub.

The Fever hosts the San Antonio Silver Stars on Thursday, July 5, which, according to Zellous means there is nothing too relaxed about the holiday this year.

“We play the day after so you really can’t do much,” Zellous said. “If I can I would like to go see fireworks. I’m a big kid so I like to see those kinds of things!”

The players reflected on family traditions surrounding the American celebration of freedom and independence.

“We used to go over to my uncles place,” Pohlen reminisced, recalling 4th of July times in her native California. “A lot of our family would come over and it would just be relaxing. We would barbeque and visit with each other.”

Zellous remembers spending the holiday with her family watching fireworks at Disney World in Orlando where she grew up.

Goodlett treasures the time she spent with her family and friends on Independence Day in Mississippi.

“My family and I would always go to my grandfather’s house,” she said. “We would shoot off fireworks from 10 p.m. to midnight and we’d have a barbeque and fish fry. Everyone in the neighborhood came by and it was just a good time.”

Though Sutton-Brown grew up in Canada, she said she celebrates both Canada Day [July 1] and the Fourth of July.

The two days are similar in that people hang out and have barbeques and shoot off fireworks,” Sutton-Brown said. “There are a lot of similarities, they’re just on different days but only three days apart.”

In the midst of preparing for the Fever’s next four home games (July 5, July 7, July 10 and July 12), the players still hope to get together for a small Fourth of July celebrationone including a barbeque.

“Maybe one of my teammates will be nice enough to barbeque for the rest of us,” Sutton-Brown laughed. “We’ll see but I’m guessing it will either be Katie [Douglas] or Catch [Tamika Catchings]!”