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Working Out With Cappie Pondexter

Few players in the WNBA have the motor of Cappie Pondexter. The reigning Finals MVP isn't only in terrific physical condition, with huge biceps and cat-like quickness and agility on the court… She's also known for being one of the league's most clutch players late in games, which requires both incredible focus and remarkable stamina. spoke recently with Pondexter to get her take on how she stays healthy and in shape playing her demanding year-round schedule of basketball.

Dot-com: So, Cappie, yesterday was an off day for you and the Mercury. How do you work out on your off days during the season?

CP: "Usually I try to work on my footwork and take a lot of jump shots."

Dot-com: What do you focus on during the offseason? Do things change?

CP: "I do cardio, but most of the time I like to do basketball-related stuff, playing with the guys."

Dot-com: Really? Why do you play with the guys?

CP: "Because they are generally faster and quicker on the court. It makes you become smarter on the court, so I like to play against them. They are aggressive and keep my cardio going."

Dot-com: What is your favorite cardio exercise?

CP: "I like the (stationary) bike."

Dot-com: What about lifting weights? Are you big time into that as well?

CP: "No, I don't like lifting as much, just light stuff, usually with dumbbells."

Dot-com: What is your favorite lower body exercise?

CP: "I like doing squats."

Dot-com: What about upper body?

CP: "It has to be the dumbbell bench press."

Dot-com: Is there one exercise you hate doing that you need to force yourself to do?

CP: "Running long distance on a track. I really hate it, but I know it is good for endurance so I have to force myself sometimes."

Dot-com: Is there a song or kind of music you like to listen to when you are working out?

CP: "For me it doesn't matter as long as it's not slow. I can go from soft rock, hard rock, hip hop, R&B, pop, whatever."

Dot-com: Are there any artists in particular who really get you going?

CP: "No, there's no artist in particular. I do like Creed, though. I grew up on that in college. I like listening to Jay-Z, Nas, those kinds of guys."

Dot-com: Is there a healthy meal or type of food that you like when you're focusing on healthy eating?

CP: "I like breakfast. I love egg whites. I don't eat yolk. I hate yolk. So in restaurants I ask for egg whites, and if they don't have them it dampens my whole mood. I like bacon."

Dot-com: What is the biggest challenge for you fitness-wise?

CP: "Keeping my body fat percentage (low) has to be the biggest challenge."

Dot-com: How do you achieve that?

CP: "Cardio, eating smaller portions and making sure I am eating breakfast."

Dot-com: Is there a fitness product on TV that you think is ridiculous and makes you laugh?

CP: "Yes, when they have all these dietary supplements to help you lose weight. I was in Walgreens the other day and they had something like for $59.99 and to refill it, it was like $69.99. Are you serious? People try to take the easy way out. But if you do it right and if it's going to stick, it takes a while for you to get where you want to be. I think the best thing is to do it the right way."

Dot-com: What advice would you give to a young basketball player who wants to get in better shape to play?

CP: "The best thing is to push yourself to the limit. When you think you are going hard, go a little bit more and work that hard everyday. Because if you're not working hard, somebody else is."