On the Road With...
Seattle’s Sue Bird

If she did not have a cell phone or PDA, you might never know that Sue Bird is on the road... but she usually is. Either traveling with the Storm in the spring through the early fall or heading overseas in the winter, Sue Bird spends much of her time traveling for her job. By the time the World Championships in Brazil come around in the fall, she will have played professional basketball on six continents. Yet, no matter what city she finds herself in, she always knows where the best sushi and the closest Banana Republic and NikeTown can be found. With friends in so many WNBA cities, as well, life away from her Seattle and New York homes is not always that bad.
Sue Bird has fun no matter what WNBA city, or any international city for that matter.
Jeff Reinking/NBAE/Getty Images

Q. What are some of your favorite countries you've gotten to travel to?
"Lots....just like everyone else there are probably too many to list. After playing in Russia for the past two seasons, I think I've hit almost all of them except Turkey and Portugal."

Q. What is one place you haven't been that you would like to see?
"I would love to go to London/Amsterdam and Isreal."

Q. What is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Q. On a beach, hiking and camping out, or visiting a museum?
"Any chance I get to work on my tan I need to take :)"

Q. What are your favorite WNBA cities to visit?
"New York and Connecticut."

Q. What is the best WNBA city to go out shopping?
"Most times you are in and out of these cities so its hard to find the time to shop, except for Houston. When we play there I bring a bigger bag because I know I'll be picking up a few things. We stay at a hotel connected to the Galleria Mall so its only an elevator trip away, and they every store you can think of and some."

Q. What is the best WNBA city to dine out?
"NYC and Seattle have the best restaurants, hands down, but I love the Capital Grill in Minnesota, Houston's in Phoenix and Popeyes in the Houston airport! ha!"

Q. What are the best places to shop and dine out in Seattle?
"Depending on what you're in the mood for, Seattle can accomodate you. Downtown has the best shopping and from what I hear other teams love it because they normally stay in the hotel right in the heart. Everything is at their finger tips, especially Niketown, because they aren't in every city, and Tall Girl, so I hear... I'm not tall enough to enter. ha! The good restaurants are EVERYWHERE but my favorite spots happen to be in Belltown and Queen Anne."

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