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The Atlanta Dream will attempt to capture that elusive first win on Wednesday when they host the San Antonio Silver Stars at 7 pm ET on NBA TV.

Despite being winless on the young season, the Dream have still had their share of highlights in 2008. Topping the list has to be the play of veteran Betty Lennox, who is turning in a career year for the expansion squad. Playing in her ninth WNBA season, Lennox has started every game for the Dream and is averaging a career-best 20 points per contest, which puts her at fourth overall in scoring in the league. On top of that, she's also averaging 4.6 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 1.3 steals per game and shooting 42 percent from three-point range.

Can Lennox lead the Dream to their first win in franchise history against San Antonio? Fans asked her that and more when she stopped by to chat on Wednesday.

Nicole (Garner,NC): First I would like to welcome you to Atlanta. I have followed your basketball career since college! The Dream are so close at the end of games, what do you ladies have to do to get over that hump to get your first win?

 Betty Lennox: (11:33 AM ET ) Right now we're in every game and I think we need to stay positive and focus and pull it together in the end. Focus on the last two quarters and pull that win out.

Asia New Roads,LA: What do you think has been the hardest part on a 10-game losing streak?

 Betty Lennox: (11:33 AM ET ) The hardest part is losing. I've been playing for nine years and the hardest part is losing. Everyone knows who I am and how big of a competitor I am and I'm going to keep fighting until we get that win.

Tony, Ruston, La.: Who's the key player to stop for San Antonio - Becky Hammon or Sophia Young and why?

 Betty Lennox: (11:34 AM ET ) At the moment I think Sophia. Her stats show she's been playing well and coonsistent. Not saying anything to put Becky down, but right now it's Sophia. We have to focus on both of them tonight. But if I had to pick one, I'd say Sophia because of her stats right now.

Chicago, Illinois: How do you like playing in Atlanta and also being a part of the newest team in the WNBA?

 Betty Lennox: (11:35 AM ET ) Its just a blessing that I'm here in Atlanta. I love my teammates, my coaching staff and the city. It's a great place to be in the summer. Just to be around basketball in this city, it's a wonderful feeling and a wonderful opportunity. I love it.

Spanky ( elizabeth city, north carolina): What made you improve your game so much this year?

 Betty Lennox: (11:36 AM ET ) I think every year, if you look at my game, you see something different and improved. I'm the type of player, once the season is over I want to improve on my game and add something to it and I've done that every year. Just to have the opporutnity here with the new team, it is definitely needed.

Kierra Ellenwood GA: Why do they call you Betty "B-Money" Lennox?

 Betty Lennox: (11:38 AM ET ) The Betty "B-Money" Lennox just started this year. I've always been called B-Money. My coach in Minnesota Heidi Vanderveer, she gave me that name because everytime I put up a shot, it was money.

Jan Atlanta, GA: Hey Betty!! Although the season is 4 weeks old, I want to welcome and your teammates to Atlanta. I am sooooo excited the WNBA has a team in Atlanta. I have been waiting for this momemt since the league has existed. I have season tickets and have been to every game and will be at the game against San Antonio. Best of luck all of you. How are you and the Dream preparing for this game?

 Betty Lennox: (11:39 AM ET ) Thank you for being so excited about us being in Atlanta and for your support. We're preparing like we do for the rest of the games. We're taking steps forward, staying positive and demanding a win from each other. It's a must win situation. It's important to stay positive and keep moving forward and not take any steps back.

greensboro, North carolina: How is the chemistry on the Atlanta Dream?

 Betty Lennox: (11:41 AM ET ) The chemisty is excellent. In such a short amount of time of playing together, everyone has come together and trusts each other and respects each other and you need that to have good chemistry both on and off the court as well.

Linda (Toronto, ON): I know you will get a ton of basketball questions today, but I wanted to know about your tattoos! How many do you have and what are they of?

 Betty Lennox: (11:43 AM ET ) I have seven tattoos. the majority of them are the Tazmanian Devil, just showing the energy I have on the court. I have a barb wire tattoo and that shows the strength I have and the being fearless on the court. I have the Deuce Deuce that represents the number 22 in my family. I've grown out of a lot of them. It just defines my character on the basketball court. It doesn't define my character off the basketball court.

courtney TN: why did you pick the number 22?

 Betty Lennox: (11:44 AM ET ) I've had it ever since I've played basketball. I'm blessed to have had it with all of the teams I've been with since coming to the WNBA. Every last one of my family members has worn the number 22 at some point. It's something special for the Lennox family. I have eight brothers and sistsrs as well as all of the neices and nephews that play have worn it as well. I've worn it since I was in the third grade.

greensboro,north carolina: how does it feel to run the floor with Ivory latta?

 Betty Lennox: (11:46 AM ET ) I think it's fun. I really enjoy Latta, she has a great personality. She's a wonderful person to play with and she's eager to learn. I love people that want to learn, are willing to learn and want to be the best. She will be a great point guard pretty soon. Me and her feed off of each other naturally. It's as if we've played together for a lot of years. Also if you look at our backgrounds we have a lot of similarities. It's like she's the little sister and I'm the big sister.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): Betty, Who do you think is the toughest player to go up against in the WNBA?

 Betty Lennox: (11:47 AM ET ) I don't have an individual player to pinpoint becuase I respect all of my colleagues. They are all here on the professional level and I respect all of them.

Jocelyn (McCormick, SC): We all know that new teams have it hard for a year or three, but does that ever kill your spirit? I mean everyone wants to win. How do you stay motivated?

 Betty Lennox: (11:48 AM ET ) It definitely doesn't kill my spirit, but its really tough. I've been in the league nine years and have played for some great teams. But I'm loving the experience, the growth in the team, the players and the willpower to keep going. We can take the easy way out and take the losses, but we're fighting to get that win and once we get that win we'll make sure they start to multiply.

 Betty Lennox: (11:52 AM ET ) I really appreciate everyone that took the time to ask me some questions today. We really appreciate your support. Keep supporting us during the tough times because something special is going to happen this season for the Atlanta Dream.

I'd also like to take a minute to mention my foundation - The Lennox Foundation - it focuses on helping neglected and abused kids. I started it in Seattle and I've been doing it on my own. I can use everyone's support. I just love the kids and the communtiy and love being a part of the community.


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