Who are the top five players? Who is the best coach? Which team has the best chance of dethroning the Detroit Shock? Which player would GMs sign first if they were starting a team today?

WNBA.com posed questions to the league's general managers to learn what the people who make the decisions really think.


Which player in the WNBA would you want taking a shot with the game on the line?

Lisa Leslie- 25%

Sheryl Swoopes- 16.7%

Lauren Jackson- 16.7%

Katie Smith- 16.7%

Deanna Nolan- 8.3%

Diana Taurasi- 8.3%

Which one player acquisition will make the biggest impact in 2004?

Diana Taurasi- 54.5%

Shannon Johnson- 27.3%

Chasity Melvin- 9.1%

Nicole Powell- 9.1%

Who is the toughest player in the WNBA?

Katie Smith– 41.7%

Tamika Catchings– 25%

Delisha Milton-Jones- 16.7%

Andrea Stinson- 8.3%

Cheryl Ford- 8.3%

Who will win the 2004 MVP?

Lauren Jackson– 36.4%

Tamika Catchings- 27.3%

Swin Cash- 27.3%

Lisa Leslie- 9.1%

Which team made the best offseason moves overall?

San Antonio– 20%

Charlotte– 20%

Connecticut– 20%

Detroit– 20%

Minnesota- 10%

Seattle- 10%

Which team will win the Eastern Conference?

Detroit– 91.9%

Charlotte- 9.1%

Which team will win the Western Conference?

Sacramento– 45.5%

San Antonio- 27.3%

Los Angeles- 18.2%

Minnesota- 9.1%
Which team will win the WNBA Finals in 2004?

Detroit– 45.5%

Los Angeles- 18.2%

Charlotte- 9.1%

San Antonio- 9.1%

Minnesota- 9.1%


Which player is best at making her teammates better?

Sue Bird- 25%

Lisa Leslie- 16.7%

Ticha Penicheiro- 16.7%

Dawn Staley- 8.3%

Sheryl Swoopes- 8.3%

Nikki Teasley- 8.3%

Tamika Catchings- 8.3%

Swin Cash- 8.3%

Which player do you think has the greatest hunger to win a championship in 2004?

Yolanda Griffith- 18.2%

Tamika Catchings- 18.2%

Katie Smith- 9.1%

Chamique Holdsclaw- 9.1%

Nykesha Sales- 9.1%

Dawn Staley- 9.1%

Tina Thompson- 9.1%

Lisa Leslie- 9.1%

Swin Cash- 9.1%

Which player is the best on-court leader?

Dawn Staley– 40%

Sue Bird– 20%

Lisa Leslie- 13.3%

Ticha Penicheiro- 13.3%

Nikki Teasley- 6.7%

Teresa Weatherspoon- 6.7%
Which player is the best lockerroom leader?

Dawn Staley– 33.3%

Lisa Leslie- 22.2%

Katie Smith- -11.1%

Lady Grooms- -11.1%

Allison Feaster- -11.1%

Murriel Page- -11.1%

Which player has the best court smarts?

Dawn Staley– 33.3%

Katie Smith– 25%

Sue Bird- 16.7%

Nikki Teasley- 8.3%

Teresa Edwards- 8.3%

Kara Lawson- 8.3%
Who is the best perimeter defender in the WNBA?

Sheryl Swoopes– 33.3%

Tamika Catchings- 16.7%

Allison Feaster- 8.3%

Edna Campbell- 8.3%

Semeka Randall- 8.3%

Katie Smith- 8.3%

Shannon Johnson- 8.3%

Kedra Holland-Corn- 8.3%

Who is the best interior defender in the WNBA?

Lisa Leslie– 50%

Delisha Milton-Jones- 16.7%

Yolanda Griffith- 16.7%

Margo Dydek- 8.3%

Kamila Vodichkova- 8.3%


Who is the best point guard in the WNBA?

Shannon Johnson- 33.3%

Nikki Teasley- 33.3%

Sue Bird- 25%

Dawn Staley- 8.3%
Who is the best shooting guard in the WNBA?

Deanna Nolan- 38.5%

Katie Smith- 23.1%

Sheryl Swoopes- 23.1%

Diana Taurasi- 15.4%

Who is the best small forward in the WNBA?

Tamika Catchings- 50%

Swin Cash- 25%

Sheryl Swoopes- 16.7%

Mwadi Mabika- 8.3%

Who is the best power forward in the WNBA?

Lauren Jackson- 25%

Delisha Milton-Jones- 16.7%

Chamique Holdsclaw- 16.7%

Tina Thompson- 16.7%

Cheryl Ford- 8.3%

Tamika Catchings- 8.3%

LaToya Thomas- 8.3%

Who is the best center in the WNBA?

Lisa Leslie- 83.3%

Lauren Jackson- 16.7%

Who is the best head coach in the WNBA?

Michael Cooper- 18.2%

Van Chancellor- 18.2%

Anne Donovan- 18.2%

Dee Brown- 9.1%

Mike Thibault- 9.1%

Trudi Lacey- 9.1%

Suzie McConnell Serio- 9.1%

Bill Laimbeer- 9.1%

Which head coach is the best manager/motivator of people?

Van Chancellor- 36.4%

Bill Laimbeer- 27.3%

John Whisenant- 18.2%

Michael Cooper- 9.1%

Trudi Lacey- 9.1%

Which head coach is the best strategic/X's and O's coach?

Richie Adubato- 27.3%

Michael Cooper- 27.3%

Anne Donovan- 9.1%

Mike Thibault- 9.1%

Dee Brown- 9.1%

Van Chancellor- 9.1%

Suzie McConnell Serio- 9.1%

Which head coach is the best at developing young players?

Michael Cooper- 27.3%

Bill Laimbeer- 18.2%

Dee Brown- 9.1%

Van Chancellor- 9.1%

Trudi Lacey- 9.1%

Anne Donovan- 9.1%

John Whisenant- 9.1%

Which active player would make the best head coach someday?

Dawn Staley- 53.8%

Theresa Edwards- 15.4%

Nikki Teasley- 7.7%

Kara Lawson- 7.7%

Sheryl Swoopes- 7.7%

Katie Smith- 7.7%


Which WNBA team will be the most fun to watch in 2004?

Detroit - 36.4%

Los Angeles- 18.2%

San Antonio- 18.2%

Sacramento - 9.1%

Phoenix - 9.1%

Washington - 9.1%

Who has the best athleticism?

Tamika Catchings - 23.1%

Mwadi Mabika - 23.1%

Swin Cash- 23.1%

Deanna Nolan - 23.1%

Sheryl Swoopes- 7.7%

Who has the best post moves?

Lisa Leslie– 81.8%

Yolanda Griffith– 9.1%

Chamique Holdsclaw– 9.1%

Who is the best pure shooter?

Deanna Nolan - 25%

Anna DeForge– 16.7%

Katie Smith– 16.7%

Kelly Miller– 8.3%

Allison Feaster– 8.3%

Katie Douglas– 8.3%

Sheryl Swoopes– 8.3%

Mwadi Mabika– 8.3%

Who is the fastest with the ball?

Shannon Johnson– 41.7%

Tamicha Jackson– 33.3%

Deanna Nolan– 8.3%

Nikki Teasley– 8.3%

Who is the best fast-break finisher?

Swin Cash– 45.5%

Sheryl Swoopes– 18.2%

Mwadi Mabika– 18.2%

Shannon Johnson– 9.1%

Nikki Teasley– 9.1%

Deanna Nolan– 9.1%

Who has the single most effective individual offensive move in the game today?

Sheryl Swoopes– 33.3%

Chamique Holdsclaw– 22.2%

Lisa Leslie– 22.2%

Tina Thompson– 11.1%

Tamika Catchings– 11.1%

Who is the best passing big man?

Lisa Leslie– 45.5%

Ruth Riley– 27.3%

Margo Dydek– 9.1%

Yolanda Griffith– 9.1%

Elena Baranova– 9.1%


Who will win the 2004 Rookie of the
Year award?

Diana Taurasi- 66.7%

Nicole Powell- 25%

Alana Beard- 8.3%

If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the WNBA, who would it be?

Lisa Leslie- 41.7%

Tamika Catchings - 33.3%

Lauren Jackson- 25%

Which rookie is most likely to be a "sleeper" success?

Shameka Christon- 41.7%

Nicole Ohlde- 16.7%

Shereka Wright- 8.3%

Tasha Butts- 8.3%

Vanessa Hayden- 8.3%

Christi Thomas- 8.3%

Rebekkah Brunson- 8.3%

Who are the most underrated players in the WNBA?

Tamika Williams- 9.5%

Deanna Nolan- 9.5%

Katie Smith- 9.5%

Allison Feaster- 9.5%

14 tied at- 4.8%

Who is the best international player in the WNBA?

Lauren Jackson- 91.7%

Mwadi Mabika- 8.3%

Which team will be most improved in 2004?

Washington Mystics- 45.5%

San Antonio Silver Stars- 45.5%

Phoenix Mercury- 9%

Which player is most likely to have a breakout season in 2004?

Chamique Holdsclaw- 16.7%

Kelly Miller- 16.7%

Tamika Catchings- 8.3%

Becky Hammon- 8.3%

Diana Taurasi- 8.3%

Asjha Jones- 8.3%

DeMya Walker- 8.3%

LaToya Thomas- 8.3%

Swin Cash- 8.3%
Who will win the Defensive Player of the Year Award?

Sheryl Swoopes- 33.3%

Lisa Leslie- 16.7%

Tamika Catchings- 16.7%

DeMya Walker- 8.3%

Margo Dydek- 8.3%

Delisha Milton-Jones- 8.3%

Katie Smith- 8.3%

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