Did you know that Indiana Fever forward Natalie Williams turns to yoga and pilates for strength and balance?

Get the inside scoop on the All-Star's fitness routine.

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What are your favorite exercises?
Yoga and pilates. I do that in the offseason, and I wish I could do more, but it's hard during the season. It just helps strengthen my legs, my whole core, and makes me feel more balanced on the floor in every area. It just helped with defending and stability and being able to drive to the basket feeling completely comfortable balance-wise.

I do yoga probably two times a week and pilates once and then some lifting, but I could tell how yoga and pilates have kind of reshaped my body and also some of the nutritional stuff I did, but it's just really helped.

How did you started with yoga and pilates?
I go to this club that has really great teachers and fun classes and I just started doing it and I couldn't wait until my next class. It's wonderful. I love it.

Is there a goal that you are working towards?
I think the biggest thing as I get older is to stay flexible. As we get older, the flexibility kind of goes. And to stay strong, not physically extremely strong like you'd have to be for weight-lifting stuff, but just core body strength, and I think that helps in so many areas. I've noticed pilates, just keeping all the little muscles, whether it's the abductors or the groin or the outer legs, just keeping those strong, it helps a lot in every area.

How would you describe the role of fitness, physical and mental, for you both as an athlete and person?
To me, I think it keeps people balanced and happy in their lives. I know that when I don't work out, I get more moody, I get tired, and I just get irritable. When I work out, I feel better, I have more endorphins going through my body, I have more energy. I know if I come back from a yoga class, even though you don't feel like you've done a lot because you're usually just standing or on the floor or balancing or something, that it works your body so rigorously that after I just feel completely refreshed and relaxed and stretched out, which is a big thing for me because I get tight. And so it think that's the biggest thing, just maintaining peace and comfort in your life.

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