"I get a program," says Katie Smith of her offseason training. "I like to get into a routine and stay in it."
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Yes, she is a WNBA champion and a member of the WNBA's All-Decade Team. Yes, she's won two Olympic gold medals and two World Championship golds while representing the United States. Yes, she is the only women's basketball player to have her number retired at her alma mater of Ohio State.

But Katie Smith of the Detroit Shock hates running.

So how does she get into shape for the grueling WNBA season? She explained her offseason health and fitness routine to WNBA.com's Matt Wurst.

Q. How does an offseason workout compare to one during the regular season?
"(In the offseason) you do a lot more time-wise with cardio and sprint stuff. You really push yourself and don't worry about getting sore. During the season, you just kind of maintain by doing a half hour here, a half hour there."

Q. What is your favorite lower-body exercise?
"Squats are my favorite."

Q. What about the upper body?
"Just the basic bench."

Q. And for cardio?
"I do elliptical and bike. I also do some running, but I try to stay away from the pounding."

Q. What is the toughest, most challenging thing you have to face, fitness-wise?
"I hate cardio. I hate running. Running just mentally makes me stressed."

Q. Do you listen to music while you work out?
"I'm more of a 'read magazines and flip through things' person. I'm not really a music person. I have a mini iPod, but I hardly ever use it."

Q. Do you set fitness goals for yourself?
"Not necessarily. I get a program. I like to get into a routine and stay in it."

Q. What are you most proud of from a fitness perspective?
"Nothing in particular this year. My goal was just more so getting in shape. I wanted to change my body a little bit, eat better and get physically stronger to prepare myself for the season."

Q. What advice do you have for someone trying to get in better shape for basketball?
"Definitely you have to do cardio and strength training, along with your skills stuff basketball-wise. But if you're really trying to take care of your body and get in shape, you should watch your diet."

Q. So what kind of diet do you typically follow?
"A healthy snack for breakfast. I like cottage cheese or some whipped yogurt, a lot of berries. Mostly I like a lot of vegetables and fruit."



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